Shadow Valley Vineyards was an old winery near Sunnydale used by The First and Caleb as a base of operations.

Recent History

In 2003, Caleb found the Scythe buried underneath it. He kept it under guard with the help of the Harbingers.

The vineyard became a contested territory after this as Caleb taunted Buffy that he had something of hers. Later, Buffy, Faith, the Scoobies and the potentials attempted to attack the vineyard. However, they were overwhelmed by Caleb's strength. Buffy and the others were forced to retreat after suffering dire losses.

The vineyards would again house another battle, although between only Caleb and Buffy. At that point, Buffy used her agility to avoid and outmaneuver her opponent to win the Scythe.


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