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First appearance "Dirty Girls"
Last appearance "Chosen"
Name Shannon
Classification Slayer
Affiliation Watchers Council
Notable powers See Slayer
Portrayed by  Mary Wilcher


Shannon (last name unknown) was a Potential and, later, new Slayer who survived the Battle at the Hellmouth.

While on her way to Sunnydale, she was chased by a group of Bringers until encountered Caleb and escaped in his truck. Though at first posing as friendly, Caleb then taunted Shannon and called her a whore before burning her with his car lighter and stabbing her with a Bowie knife and whispering a message to her for Buffy Summers, Caleb then dumped her of his truck where she was found by Willow Rosenberg and Faith Lehane who'd been arriving to Sunnydale from LA. After recovering in Sunnydale Memorial, she told Buffy Caleb's message which was "I have something of yours", prompting Buffy to recklessly enter the Vineyard which resulted in her losing two potential slayer. Shannon then joined the fellow potentials in the fight at the Hellmouth where she was activated as a real Slayer.

Behind the Scenes

  • She was portrayed by Mary Wilcher.


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