"I didn't stab no one with a trowel! They were pruning shears."
―Sheila Martini[src]

Sheila Martini was a Sunnydale High student that was turned into a vampire.


"I'm crazy about a Cad. Just the feel of the leather makes me wanna..."

"You see Ms Edith. If you had been good, you could watch with the rest."

Before she was sired, Sheila smoked since she was in fifth grade (according to Willow, who had once looked out for her), dated a boy nicknamed "Meatpie" (implying that she was sexually promiscuous with bullies and bad boys) and had a reputation for being both wild and dangerous. It was this lifestyle that ultimately cost her humanity. She blew off the assignment Principal Snyder forced upon Buffy Summers and herself to prepare Sunnydale High for the upcoming Parent-Teacher Night.

After leaving The Fish Tank with two drunk guys, Dwayne and Dell, she was seduced and kidnapped by Spike. Sheila was taken to The Factory, bound and gagged and then given to Drusilla who needed to be fed as she was too weak to hunt for herself, with Spike making her promise to eat in return for helping the Anointed One with his plans. Dru obliged and presented Shelia in front of her dolls as an "audience". Shelia could only helplessly watch in panic as Dru changed to vamp face before turning to her and going for her neck, draining her blood and killing her.


Shelia as a vampire

Sheila was then sired and rose as a vampire, taking part in the raid on Sunnydale High led by Spike. She ran into Buffy as the Slayer was helping the students and faculty find refuge from the marauding vampires of the Order of Aurelius. Sheila pretended she was still human and offer to help. However once Buffy's back was turned, she shifted to vamp face and attempted to kill her with an axe when Buffy's back was turned. However, Rupert Giles saw the attack coming from one of the classroom windows and managed to warn Buffy, who easily thwarted the attack and knocked Shelia back. After Sheila recovered and witnessed another vampire being dusted by the Slayer who was now glaring at her, she wisely withdrew and escaped into the night.

Behind the Scenes

  • She was portrayed by Alexandra Johnes.
  • Sheila was one of the few characters whose fate was never addressed.
  • She was part of The Master's bloodline. Along with Spike, Drusilla and Angel, Sheila is one of the four remaining vampires in the Master's bloodline.
  • The fact that Sheila, again human, stabbed a horticulture teacher with pruning shears without sorrow and was fascinated by the fact that Buffy had burned down her first school implies that she was sociopatic. She seems to have a similar symptom to Faith Lehane.


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