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Shrimp Worlds refers to two dimensions, which are primarily identified by the amount of shrimp which live there. Specifically, these two dimensions are:

  • World Without Shrimp is a quiet little agrarian world, with little unusual properties except the absence of shrimp[1].
  • World With Nothing But Shrimp contains literally nothing other than shrimp and as a result is sometimes considered boring[2].

The two dimensions can be used to illustrate the concept of alternate dimensions[3]


In Jonathan Levinson's world, Anya said "You could have, like, a world with no shrimp. Or with, you know, nothing but shrimp",when explaining the concept of alternate dimensions. [3]

Anya speculated that Olaf could have been sent to the World Without Shrimp. [4]

When Illyria talked about moving between dimensions, she said that she went to the World With Nothing But Shrimp but "tired of it quickly".[5] She later lamented being unable to travel between dimensions and missing the dimensions, "even the one made of shrimp."[6]

Willow Rosenberg opened a portal from to the World Without Shrimp, which she described as "a quiet little agrarian world. Nothing special about it, except they don't have shrimp."[7]

Other Mentions of Shrimp

  • Anya said that Xander "doesn't travel well, like fine shrimp".[8]
  • Willow found a spell to “communicate with shrimp”. [9]
  • After Anya mentioned the World Without Shrimp, Tara replied that she was allergic to them.[4]



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