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Melaka Fray looks back on previous Slayers throughout history
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The Slayer timeline, detailing the various Slayers throughout history, including years active, country of origin and distinction.

For a list of Slayers see List of Slayers.




Played by: Sharon Ferguson.
Location: Africa.
Watcher: None.
Sources: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Ready, Steady ...
Tales of the Slayers ("Prologue"; "Tales", final page)
Tales of the Slayer ("The Ghosts of Slayers Past")
Twilight ("Them F#©%ing (Plus the True History of the Universe)").

Sineya, also known as "the Primitive", is taken by the Shadow Men against her will, chained to the earth and imbued with the spirit of a demon. She is more demon than subsequent Slayers would be. Sineya is rejected by her village and instructed to fight alone. She claims to have no name, no Watcher, no friends and no family. Sineya stakes one of the first human/demon hybrid vampires created.


Location: Uruk, Sumer.
Watcher: Sarkassan.
Birth: Around 2717 BC.
Slayer Time: Active in 2700 BC.
Source: Portal Through Time.

Ejuk was an orphan who was raised by her Watcher. She is 6 feet tall, has exotic looks and bronze skin. Her weapon of choice is a bow and arrow and she wore leather armor. Her watcher was killed by four time traveling vampires out to disrupt the Slayer line. Ejuk served under the rule of King Gilgamesh.

Egyptian Slayer


Location: Egypt.
Watcher: Meryt-Neith.
Death: 1530 BC.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 1530 BC.
Sources: Note from the Underground (Chapter 3, p.3-4)
Tales of the Slayer ("The Ghosts of Slayers Past").

Nubian Slayer

Location: Nubia.
Slayer Time: 1530 BC. - Unknown.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("The Ghosts of Slayers Past").

Moroccan Slayer

Location: Marrakesh, Morocco.
Death: Around 996 BC.
Slayer Time: 1000 BC. - 996 BC.
Source: Dark Congress.

This Slayer lived in a village near the Sebu river. She fought a river goddess known as Kandida and while she was unable to destroy her corporeal form, she imprisoned her in a sarcophagus for around 3,000 years.

Thessily Thessilonikki (Θεσσαλία Θεσσαλονίκη)

Location: Athens, Greece.
Watcher: Thoas, the high priest of the Eleusinian mysteries.
Birth: 519 BC.
Death: 490 BC. (29 years old).
Slayer Time: 507 BC. - 490 BC.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("A Good Run").

Thessily is described as having been a Slayer "all her life". It's 490 B.C. in Greece and Thessily is the current Slayer. In order to protect an important messenger, she must run 300 miles in 3 days while fending off countless vampires. In the end, this 29 year old Slayer just wants to be remembered for something great that she herself did. Thessily is killed by poison.

Artemia (Άρτεμία)

Location: Thebes of the Seven Gates, Greece.
Source: Go Ask Malice.

This Slayer was tortured and killed by Kakistos. Her daughter, Alexandra, went mad and became a Vengeance demon, and granted her mother's dying wish to come back and possess another Slayer (Faith Lehane) so she could kill Kakistos.

First Millennium AD


Location: Rome.
Watcher: Aulus.
Birth: 23 AD.
Death: 40 AD.
Slayer Time: 38 or 39 AD. - 40 AD.
Source: The Evil That Men Do.

Roman Slayer

Location: Rome.
Slayer Time: 40 - 41 AD.
Source: The Evil That Men Do.

This Slayer goes up against Helen and Julian, a nefarious vampire duo. She manages to destroy their plans to raise the demon goddess, Meter, by stealing the ashes of Emperor Caligula, which are needed in order to raise the demon. She is slain by Helen and Julian.

Celtic Slayer

Location: Britain.
Death: 52 AD.
Slayer Time: 48 AD. - 52 AD.
Source: Night Terrors.

This Slayer is a Celtic warrior who battles the Night Terrors. These creatures are able to eject her soul from her body, which allows vampires to feed on her physical being.


Location: Isle of Anglesey, Wales.
Watcher: Eyra.
Birth: Around 46 AD.
Slayer Time: Active in 60 AD.
Source: Portal Through Time.

This Slayer is said to have been amongst the longest-living Slayers and to have suffered under the Night Terror demon. She seemed to enjoy the war with the Romans and had a tendency to disobey her Watcher.


Slayer Time: Active in 562 AD.
Source: Remaining Sunlight.

Slayer Victim of Helen & Julian #1

Death: 667 AD.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 667 AD.
Source: The Evil That Men Do.

Great Lady Ankimon-in's Slayer

Location: Heian Kyo, Japan.
Watcher: The Great Lady Ankimon-in.
Death: 980.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 980.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Lady Shobu").

This Slayer was a Lady-In-Waiting of the Imperial Court and was sacrificed to a dragon by the vampire Migoto. All that was found of her was her white, blood-stained kimono.

Minomoto Kishi (ミニモト岸) (Lady Shobu)

Location: Heian Kyo, Japan.
Watchers: Bennin & Great Lady Ankimon-in.
Slayer Time: Active in 980.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Lady Shobu").

Kishi is a brave girl born into a warrior clan who is suddenly called to serve as a lady in waiting for the Great Lady Ankimon-in. Her summoner, Bennin, claims to be her Watcher and informs her of her duty as a Slayer. He teaches her precious information concerning the demons around her as well as her predecessor before sending her to wait on the Great Lady. Kishi does her best to locate the demons which have been surrounding the Palace only to find out that Bennin is not who he says he is; nor is the Great Lady who was originally the Watcher of the past Slayer. Bennin, is actually Migoto, Bennin's brother, who has been sacrificing Slayers to a dragon in order to maintain his immortal life.




Locations: Gothia & Sunnydale, California.
Slayer Time: Active in the 11th century.
Death: 2000.
Source: Autumnal ("The Heart of a Slayer").

Red-haired, medieval armor-wearing Adja, who speaks a crude Gothic dialect, traveled across time to sacrifice her own life for that of Buffy Summers' to stop Karfarnaum. She tells the Scoobies that "to humble the monster, one must have the heart of a Slayer". Her name, Adja, means "one who is already dead". Adja calls Buffy "Nasjands", which means "the Savior".

Slayer Victim of the Kludden Tribe #1

Location: Eastern Europe.
Death: 1123.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 1123.
Source: The Wisdom of War.

Slayer Victim of the Kludden Tribe #2

Location: Europe.
Death: 1147.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 1147.
Source: The Wisdom of War.

Slayer Victim of the Kludden Tribe #3

Location: Europe.
Death: 1147.
Slayer Time: 1147.
Source: The Wisdom of War.

Slayer Victim of the Kludden Tribe #4

Location: Europe.
Death: 1147.
Slayer Time: 1147.
Source: The Wisdom of War.

European Slayer

Location: Europe.
Death: 1155 or 1156.
Slayer Time: 1147 - 1155 or 1156.
Source: The Wisdom of War.

Slayer Victim of Helen & Julian #2

Death: 13th century.
Slayer Time: Active in the 13th century.
Source: The Evil That Men Do.

Dark of the Moon

Location: Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.
Birth: 1229.
Death: 1250.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 1250.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Dark of the Moon").

This is a Slayer who was trained but did not know what her calling was. Her angst and frustration come through when she fails to fulfill her duty through no fault of her own. Her father, a vampire, kills his daughter.

Shagrat al-Durr (شجر الدر)

Location: Jerusalem.
Slayer Time: Active in the mid-13th century.
Source: The Book of Fours.

In attempting to rescue a French knight, this Arabic Slayer was devoured by a monster made of a sort of primal evil known as the Gatherer.

Slayer Victim of Tatoul #1

Slayer Time: Active in 1300.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Abomination").

Slayer Victim of Tatoul #2

Death: 1320.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 1320.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Abomination").

Eliane Ward de Shaunde

Location: Beauport, Brittany, France.
Watchers: Michel de Shaunde & Gaston Roux.
Birth: 1300.
Death: 1320.
Slayer Time: 1320.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Abomination").

Eliane and her Watcher have spent years training together, but as the years go by and Eliane becomes older they begin to suspect that she will never be called as a Slayer. Eventually she and her Watcher fall in love, get married and form a family. When she finally reaches the age of 20, she is abruptly called to her duty and her husband is taken away from her for violating codes of conduct with his charge. Eliane refuses to accept her duty until her husband has returned to her even though Tatoul, a particularly vicious vampire plagues her city. When the demon finally steals her five-year-old son, Gervais, and turns him into a vampire, she begins to fight back. At the end, she allows her son to drink her blood, slaying him at the same time. Because they are connected when this happens, the son is slain, but then, she, herself, starts to light on fire. At the end, the only thing left remaining is her daughter, Isabeau, who is called to be the next Slayer, even though she's an infant. Isabeau is given to her father.

Unidentified Bar Maiden Slayer

Bar Maiden

Played by: Kristy Swanson.
Location: Italy.
Slayer Time: Between 1347 & 1351 (height of the Black Plague).
Sources: Ready, Steady ... p.12)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)
The Origin (p.2).

This Slayer is a bar maiden at the height of the Bubonic plague in Italy. She serves ale to a knight, who is then led up to a room. The knight faces a vampire behind the door and the bar maiden attacks the vampire, falls out a window and onto the street below where she stakes the vampire. She is killed by Lothos outside of the Boar's Head tavern with Amilyn in attendance.

Righteous Slayer

Tales of the Slayers-Righteous

Location: England.
Watcher: An unnamed monk.
Slayer Time: Middle Ages.
Source: Tales of the Slayers ("Righteous").

This Slayer saved a walled, medieval town from the vampire Saint Just; easily slaying him and his horde. The entire town bore witness to the fight including young girls who admired her and were inspired to stand up for themselves. The men did not like this, so as the righteous Slayer slept, men broke into her house and grabbed her from her bed. They dubbed her a witch, because only a witch could have defeated the vampires so easily and burned her at the stake. Her Watcher, a monk, can do nothing but watch. Her Watcher avenged her death by opening the town gates, allowing legions of vampires to feast on the whole town.

Unidentified Dark Ages Slayer

Dark Ages

Played by: Kristy Swanson.
Location: England.
Watcher: Unknown man (depicted by Donald Sutherland).
Slayer Time: Active in the 15th century (film) or 16th century (comic).
Sources: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)
The Origin (p.2).

This Slayer is of noble birth and lives in a castle in England. She is called as a Slayer around the age of 16. She is killed by Lothos.

Jehanne Darc

Joan of Arc

Location: Domrémy, Orléans & Rouen, France.
Birth: Around 1413.
Death: May 30, 1431.
Slayer Time: 1424 - May 30, 1431.
Source: The Death of Buffy (Chapter 1, p.2).

St. Joan of Arc (Jehanne Darc in Middle French or Jeanne d'Arc in modern French) is the patron saint of France. She is depicted in men's armor slaying a vampire in The Death of Buffy.

Esperanza de la Vega

Location: Seville, Spain.
Watcher: Wilmot Friumt.
Birth: May 1463.
Slayer Time: 1479 - 1481.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("The Rule of Silence").

Esperanza de la Vega is a Spanish Slayer. Reading about demons does not help her standing at all. Esperanza has a very tough life, living secretly as a Jew under the crippling rule of the Spanish Inquisition. Being a marrano brands her as a heretic. But it is made undoubtedly worse when she is arrested and charged with being a witch by the monks who had overrun her town.


Location: Rome, Italy.
Watcher: Mario.
Slayer Time: Active in 1503.
Source: Queen of the Slayers.

Cassia Marsilka

Location: Greece.
Birth: 1510.
Slayer Time: 1525 - 1527.
Source: Tempted Champions.

Slayer Cassia Marsilka is killed and turned by Cyrus the Gladiator, a 1,300-year-old vampire whom she later staked. She hates humans and vampires. She went on to build her skills as a vampire and went under a variety of different names including Callia, Calida, Caterina, Catalina, Christine, Catia and Celina. She was eventually defeated and staked by Buffy.

Maria Regina

Location: France.
Birth: 1522 or 1523.
Death: 1539.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 1539.
Source: The Gatekeeper trilogy.

Maria Regina is killed by being stabbed.

Spanish Slayer

Spanish Slayer

Location: Spain.
Slayer Time: Active in late 1590s.
Source: Twilight ("The Power of Love").

This Slayer is active in Spain during the late 1590s. Buffy, while on the plane known as "Twilight", is magically changed from the sari of a 17th century Indian Slayer into the black mourning dress of this Slayer as the powers of the realm become acclimated to her.

1600s AD

Erin Randall

Location: Ireland.
Watcher: Timothy Cassidy.
Death: October 31, early 17th century.
Slayer Time: Unknown - October 31, early 17th century.
Source: Halloween Rain.

Erin kills the Tatzelwurm. She is killed by the demon, Samhain, after facing him on two separate Halloweens.

Virginia Dare

Virginia Dare

Location: Roanoke, Virginia.
Watcher: John White.
Birth: August 18, 1587.
Death: 1609.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 1609.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("The White Doe").

A Slayer named White Doe was adopted by Croatoans despite her English breeding and trained as the men were. She grew to be beautiful and agile. A particular wizard of the people fell in love with her but she did not return his lust. He then turned her into a white doe because if he could not have her then he did not wish anyone else have her heart. But Seal of the Ocean loves her and eventually finds her, only to end up killing her because he believes she is a wild animal. This story is based on myths built around the real life disappearance of the Roanoke Colony and Virginia Dare, the first child of English colonists born on American soil.

Gellért Ildikó

Location: Csejte, Hungary.
Watcher: Rendőr Kurt.
Birth: 1594.
Death: 1609.
Slayer Time: 1609 (six months).
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Die Blutgrafin").

Countess Báthory Erzsébet (Elizabeth Báthory) a.k.a. die Blutgräfin (the Blood Countess) is a wicked woman who lives at Csejte Castle in Hungary (now Čachtice Castle in Slovakia). It is rumored that she bathes in the blood of young virgins in order to stay youthful. Ildikó is the current Slayer. She is the daughter of gypsies and lives isolated with her Watcher. He trains her in the ways of a lady and she successfully infiltrates the castle, in an effort to stop the deaths that are seemingly always occurring there. There are rumors that the countess kills virgin girls for their blood and bathes in it to make herself younger. When Ildikó enters the countess' castle she poses as a servant girl. The countess' ladies see what kind of strength Ildikó has and this makes the countess want to bathe in her blood. Although Ildikó finds out how she kills the girls, she is eventually drugged and killed in an Iron Maiden by the countess, never finding out if she was a vampire or not.

Abigail Cole

Abigail Cole

Location: Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts.
Slayer Time: Active in early 1625.
Source: History of the Slayer WB advertisements.

"Plymouth Colony, early 1625. Mysterious deaths were attributed to some unknown animals. These deaths stopped shortly after a strange visitor, Abigail Cole, joined the community." - WB advertisement.

Slayer Victim of Dies Pedes

Location: Italy.
Death: 1640s.
Slayer Time: 1640s.
Source: Ghoul Trouble.

Robin Whitby

Location: Caribbean.
Watcher: Dr. William Henry Pratt.
Slayer Time: Active in 1661.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Blood and Brine").

Robin Whitby is the captain of a schooner called Neptune's Lady. She has been passing herself off as a man in order to be accepted by her crew. While sailing the seas, they come about a boat called the El Dorado, which is strangely free of any crew members, save for a young Spanish girl. The boat is loaded with gold and treasures; and in particular, an ugly little idol. After a brief mutiny on board her ship as soon as the crew realizes that she's female, half the members take the other boat and set off. However, the boat becomes plagued by the kraken, a water monster with fangs and squid-like arms, and Robin heads back to fight for the crew that once betrayed her. In a fight with the kraken, Robin loses her right forearm to the beast, losing a part of herself, yet still not defeating the hideous monster.

Carissa Avenhaus

Location: Holland.
Birth: 1658.
Death: 1673.
Slayer Time: 1670 - 1673.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("The Ghosts of Slayers Past").

Carissa is called at the young age of 12.

1680s Slayer

Slayer Time: Active in the 1680s.
Source: Twilight ("Them F#©%ing (Plus the True History of the Universe)").

Fearing that the current Slayer will bring about Twilight, thirty fearful Watchers commit suicide by poisoning their drinks in a dining hall. The incident becomes a Watcher myth; a fairy tale that warns of the universe answering if the balance between humanity and magick isn't kept in check.

Samantha Kane

Locations: New York & Salem, Massachusetts.
Watcher: Robert Erwin.
Birth: 1669.
Death: 1692.
Slayer Time: 1684 - 1692.
Source: Night of the Living Rerun.

Samantha was a Puritan girl whose family was murdered by vampires. She was called at a young age, and by the year 1692, Samantha had earned herself a reputation in the colonies as a skilled witch hunter and expert marksman. Her reputation allowed her to travel throughout the colonies and stop any evil threats she encountered. In 1692, she was summoned to Salem at the height of the witch trials to hunt down an accused witch named Sarah Dinsdale. While there, she learned of a plan to return the "Despised One" (The Master) to Earth. She fought him and succeeded in stopping his arisal, but she was thrown into a mystical opening along with The Master, who tore a massive chunk of flesh out of her shoulder with his teeth.

Indian Slayer

Indian Princess Slayer

Location: India.
Slayer Time: 17th century.
Sources: Twilight ("Them F#©%ing (Plus the True History of the Universe)", "The Power of Love").

This Indian Slayer fights a long-haired blond vampire with a stake while wearing a red sari with gold jewelry and a bindi. The vampire kills her when he grabs her hair and goes for her neck. Angel mentions this Slayer when Buffy is magically transformed into her sari as the "Twilight" realm becomes acclimated to her.

1700s AD

Weapons-Forging Slayer

Slayer Time: Active in the early 18th century.
Source: Fool For Love (from the Watchers Diaries).

This Slayer forged her own weapons and wielded an anvil.

Unidentified Hong Kong Prostitute Slayer

Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong.
Slayer Time: Active in the 18th century.
Source: The Origin (p.7 & p.16 - mentioned by Merrick).

This Slayer is an inexperienced prostitute in Hong Kong who runs away from a British sailor, her first customer. She is killed by Lothos outside.

Russian Slayer

Location: Russia.
Slayer Time: 1770.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Unholy Madness").

This Slayer is killed by the vampire l'Hero. In her time as the Slayer, she killed two vampires and beheaded a chicken whom she had been told was possessed. Her Watcher was a frail old woman who had lost contact with the Council years before her calling. This Slayer doubted the existence of the czar because she had never met him.

Marie-Christine du Lac

Locations: Versailles & Paris, France.
Watcher: Edmund Devoison.
Slayer Time: 1789 - 1790.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Unholy Madness").

Marie-Christine du Lac is a Slayer of royal blood who lives in Marie-Antoinette's royal palace at Versailles. Unfortunately, the royals have become displeased with her work, as has her Watcher. Originally, Marie-Christine despises the poor of France, an attitude shared by the Watcher and most of the court. Her attitudes slowly change upon meeting a young, innocent girl who lives on the street. After meeting this little girl, Marie-Christine begins to be disobedient towards her Watcher. She faces a vampire named l'Hero, who starts the French Revolution among the poor. They know he is a vampire, but do not care, as the situation he creates for them is better than any the Royals ever did. Marie-Christine's life falls apart as the rebellion erupts around her. L'Hero captures the little girl, and Marie-Christine disobeys her orders to save the little girl. At the end, she herself finds out she was born a peasant and her Watcher doesn't care. The revolution starts and Marie-Christine's Watcher is beheaded for trying to protect the king and queen. As he is about to be guillotined, he blames Marie-Christine for the revolution. He says to her, "Once a peasant..." The story ends with the little girl grabbing Marie-Christine's hand and having her hand feel like ice; probably a result of being turned into a vampire, herself.



Location: Paris, France.
Watcher: Jean, a member of the bourgeoisie.
Slayer Time: 1790 - 1792.
Sources: Tales of the Slayers ("The Innocent")
Twilight ("Them F#©%ing (Plus the True History of the Universe)").

Claudine was a Slayer who lived in Paris, France during the height of the French Revolution. She was tricked by Jean, her Watcher, into killing an aristocrat by telling her he was a vampire who fed from the poor. Afterwards, she confronted Jean, who confessed he intended her to hunt down every aristocrat in hiding. However, Claudine rejected Jean and left him, overwhelmed with guilt for having killed a human. A Sweeney Todd-looking vampire kills Claudine by snapping her neck in his grip.

Marguerite Allard

Location: Paris, France.
Watcher: Unnamed female.
Slayer Time: 1792 - 1799.
Source: Portal Through Time.

Marguerite Allard is an aristocratic young woman before being called as the Slayer in 1792. She is fluent in both French and English. She is active during the French Revolution. Marguerite encountered the vampires Angelus and Darla, but did not kill them or vice versa. Marguerite is pursued by two vampire assassins who are out to destroy the Slayer lineage by disrupting the natural course of history. She is saved by a future Slayer, Buffy Summers, from the assassins and survives to the end of the Revolution.

Makimura Yuki (牧村祐樹)

Yuki Makimura

Location: Kyoto, Japan & Sunnydale, California.
Watcher: Unnamed Japanese samurai Watcher.
Death: Around 1801.
Slayer Time: Around 1799 - 1801.
Sources: Blooded
False Memories
Note from the Underground
Tales of the Slayers ("Tales", final page)
The Chain.

Yuki was called as a Slayer in Japan. She is trained by a samurai Watcher. Yuki's Watcher fails in his duty, and in penance, commits Seppuku. Three months after his death, Yuki goes up against the Master, who kills and sires her. While most Slayers welcome death, Yuki didn't want to die. Upon becoming a vampire, Yuki gives her complete loyalty to the Master and serves him willingly from Japan. The Watchers Council removed Yuki from their records, but failed to cover up the two missing years in the Slayer timeline.

Dawn discovers Yuki's missing time slot and Spike tells of the disgraced Slayer-turned-vampire. Yuki comes to Sunnydale with her blind vampire henchmen to resurrect her sire around early 2001. She plans to get revenge on Spike for killing the Anointed One and to use Xander as a vessel for resurrecting the Master. Dawn stops the Master's resurrection and Yuki is staked.

1800s AD


Location: London, England.
Watcher: Hayward H. Muzzlewit.
Death: 1812.
Slayer Time: 1812 (10 months).
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("The Ghosts of Slayers Past").

Elizabeth Weston

Elizabeth Weston

Location: Somerset, England.
Watcher: Unnamed man.
Slayer Time: Active in 1812.
Source: Tales of the Slayers ("Presumption"; "Tales", final page).

Elizabeth lives as a nobleman named Edward Weston in order to lure vampires into a false sense of security.


Location: England.
Watcher: Claire Silver.
Death: February 28, 1817.
Slayer Time: January 1, 1817 - February 28, 1817.
Source: Blooded.

Justine is an English Slayer who is wounded in one of her first battles against evil. Despite the severity of her wounds, she survives, but spends a month in a hospital before finally succumbing.



Location: La Boca del Infierno, California.
Watcher: Unnamed male, killed by a vampire.
Death: 1841.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 1841.
Source: Tales of the Slayers ("The Glittering World"; "Tales", final page).

This Slayer was a Native American, who hunted down the vampiress who killed her Watcher and also destroyed a nest of great evil after slaying a number of vampires. She dies on her horse after being stabbed in the chest. The town where she died was founded by Richard Wilkins as Sunnydale in 1841. The story of this Slayer's death is told in parallel with a narration about the monster slayer Naayéé'neizgháni and the demon To, characters taken from Navajo legend.

Marie Siegner

Location: Southern France.
Watcher: Charlton Muzzlewit.
Death: 1842.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 1842.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("The Ghosts of Slayers Past").

This Slayer is uneducated. She is described by her Watcher as a tart and is even believed to be a courtesan.

Catherine Hogarth

Location: White Chapel, London, England.
Watcher: Charlton Muzzlewit.
Slayer Time: Active in 1843.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("The Ghosts of Slayers Past").

The current Watcher of the current Slayer, who is from the rundown East End of London, has absolutely no sympathy for his charge until he is visited by two Slayers from the past who show him what he is doing wrong. But it isn't until one Slayer from the future makes an appearance that the Watcher learns the error of his ways.

Boston Slayer


Location: Boston, Massachusetts.
Slayer Time: Active in 1845.
Source: History of the Slayer WB advertisements.

"Boston shipyards were plagued by a series of grisly murders. The attacks ended when a quiet, young woman arrived in town." - WB advertisement.

California Slayer

Location: California.
Slayer Time: Active in the late 1840s.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("The New Watcher").

Margaret Madden

Location: England.
Watcher: Sean Connelly.
Birth: 1839.
Death: 1852.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 1852.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Ch'ing Shih").

Mid-19th Century Slayer


Slayer Time: Active in the mid-19th century.
Source: History of the Slayer WB advertisements.

Xiaoqin (小琴)

Location: China.
Watchers: Master Wang & Sean Connelly.
Birth: 1839.
Slayer Time: 1856 - 1860.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Ch'ing Shih").

After the Slayer's Watcher dies, she runs away from the monastery where he trained her. Posing as a man, she survives on her own in the city. When her new Watcher finds her, they join forces to battle an extremely dangerous vampire.

Agatha Primrose

Location: Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee.
Watcher: Niles Hallowell.
Death: 1862.
Slayer Time: 1860 - 1862.
Source: Portal Through Time.

Slayer that lived during the Civil War in Tennesse. She was targeted by nine vamps: two assasians from the future and seven others picked up during the Battle of Shiloh. With the help of Buffy, Xander, Giles, Willow and her Watcher Niles, the vampires were all killed and the attempt failed. Agatha was also secretly a spy for the Union in the Civil War.

Pauline Francis Bernard

Location: Atlanta, Georgia.
Watchers: Reed & Edward Landers.
Slayer Time: 1862 - 1864.
Sources: Tales of the Slayer ("The New Watcher")
Tales of the Slayer ("The Ghosts of Slayers Past").

Pauline Francis Bernard is passing herself off as a man under the name of Frankie Massey in order to enlist in the Union army. Her Watcher is long dead and a new Watcher arrives in her division in search of a woman. Her general has secretly known that Frankie is in fact a female, but wants her on his side. He devises a plan to exterminate the vampires plaguing the war-torn South, and allows the Watcher and Frankie to go their own way.

Lucy Hanover

Lucy Hanover

Location: Virginia.
Slayer Time: 1864 - 1866.
Sources: History of the Slayer WB advertisements
The Gatekeeper
Child of the Hunt
The Blood of Carthage
The Book of Fours
The Lost Slayer
Queen of the Slayers.

"The frequent and unexplained disappearance of local Civil War widows shocked an already grieving community. These disturbing events ended when Lucy Hanover set up camp in a nearby graveyard." - WB advertisement

In Child of the Hunt, it was revealed that part of the essence from Lucy's soul, what made her human, was combined with that of the Erl King and made into the shape of a male. In every sense, Roland of the Hunt was the son of Lucy Hanover. Lucy is killed by the Wanderer of Water. Her ghost has also appeared on various occasions, such as providing the gang with vital information when facing a vampire who can reincarnate into another body at the moment of death (Immortal), warning Willow about the coming of the Gatherer (The Book of Fours) and guiding a temporally-displaced Buffy back into her past self (The Lost Slayer), among other things.

Angela Martignetti

Location: Venice, Italy.
Watcher: Peter Toscano & Jason Cromwell.
Slayer Time: 1866 - 1873.
Source: Immortal.

Angela and her Watcher, Peter, are watching Veronique closely because Veronique sired Angela's cousin, who was also Peter's lover. Angela also has feelings for her Watcher. Angela stops Veronique's attempt to bring the Triumvirate to life, after the vampire burns down her house with Peter and valuable books in it. Veronique swears to kill Angela and they begin a dangerous cross-country cat-and-mouse game. The only things that slow them down are the sun for Veronique and Angela's need to sleep. Angela finally reaches an island called Kefi. She urges the locals to leave the island as Veronique will soon make an appearance. The locals laugh at her. One day, their number starts to diminish and their dead start to rise. Angela slays them all in front of the surviving locals. They admit their foolishness and leave the island to Angela and the vampires. Angela hunts and kills every single vampire on the island and has a final confrontation with Veronique. The vampire, who will rise in another body once slain, is not afraid. Angela mentions that if she is killed, another girl will rise to take her place. Veronique understands the similarities and starts to attack. Angela reminds Veronique that they are the only two there, so, Veronique's body-jumping will not work. This terrifies Veronique and Angela lunges in for an attack. Angela survives the battle. She is assigned another Watcher. This Watcher is hard on her for having an affair with her previous Watcher. Angela hates the new Watcher so much that she wishes she died during the battle with Veronique.

Catherine Callan

Location: Ulster, Ireland & London, England.
Watcher: Thomas Spelling.
Birth: 1858.
Slayer Time: 1873 - 1876.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Alone").

Around the time of her Cruciamentum, the Slayer, Catherine Callan of Ulster, must tolerate both her father and prejudice from the largely English Watchers Council. She teases the Council, pretending to be married to Mr. Spelling, her Watcher.

Princess Amirah

Slayer Time: Circa 1870s
Source: Ready, Steady ...

Mollie Prater

Location: Kentucky.
Watcher: Ethan Bentley.
Birth: 1871 (15 years old).
Slayer Time: 1886 - 1887.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Mornglom Dreaming").

Mollie Prater is a simple 15-year-old girl living in Kentucky in 1886. She has no knowledge of demons or Slayers. Her life seems normal, and she is about to get married to Harly. Around this time, a Watcher named Ethan arrives in search for her, as she is the new Slayer. But when people gather together for weddings and baptisms, a demon comes out of the bushes and kills as many people as possible. Mollie's wedding day is interrupted by these demons and Ethan's appearance. He briefly tells her that she is the Slayer and she kills the demons. But after Mollie slays the demons attacking her wedding, Harly walks out on her and she knows her life won't ever be the same.

Belle Malone

Belle Malone

Location: Dodge City, Kansas.
Slayer Time: Unknown - summer 1888.
Source: History of the Slayer WB advertisements.

"Dodge City, Kansas. During the summer of 1888, 40 deaths under suspicious circumstances. The deaths ceased when Belle Malone rode into town." - WB advertisement.


Location: Whitechapel, London, England.
Watcher: Sir James.
Birth: 1872.
Death: December 1888.
Slayer Time: Unknown - December 1888.
Source: Blood and Fog.

Elizabeth is a Cockney Slayer from the Whitechapel district of London. She is considered by her Watcher to be undeserving of her power because she sometimes is crippled by fear of the creatures she is destined to fight. She overhears her Watcher along with the heads of the Council hoping for her imminent death so that a more worthy Slayer will be called. To prove herself to the Council and her Watcher, she is determined to hunt down and kill Jack the Ripper. To do this, she forms an uneasy alliance with Angelus, Darla, Drusilla and Spike, who are also out to destroy Jack the Ripper, albeit for different reasons. Even with the help of the four vampires, Elizabeth is killed by Jack the Ripper and her Watcher feels great guilt over her demise.

Oklahoma Slayer


Location: Oklahoma.
Slayer Time: Active in 1893.
Source: History of the Slayer WB advertisements.

"A series of savage attacks claimed the lives of seventeen homesteaders. The murders stopped when a young blacksmith passed through town." - WB advertisement.

Indian Princess Slayer


Location: British India.
Watcher: Late 19th century British man.
Sources: Ready, Steady ... p.12
The Origin (p.16 - mentioned by Merrick)
Tales of the Slayers ("Tales", final page)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992).

This Slayer is an Indian princess with an older, uniformed British Watcher who wears monocles. She is killed by Lothos.

Angelique Hawthorne

Location: London, England.
Watcher: Professor Peter van Helsing.
Slayer Time: 1895 - 1897.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("House of the Vampire").

In London, England, Slayer Angelique Hawthorne is chosen under Watcher Peter van Helsing, cousin to Professor Abraham van Helsing. Dracula has come to England, even after his supposed death many years ago. Angelique must determine if she's under the thrall of Dracula herself and how to defeat him. She fights Dracula with her friends, lover Gordon Mycroft, a street kid named Patch and an ex-nun named Molly Carrington who is later killed; an incident that causes Angelique to abandon her friends in order to keep them safe.

Florence Gilbert

Florence Gilbert

Location: Virginia City, Wyoming.
Birth: 1877.
Slayer Time: Active in 1897.
Source: History of the Slayer WB advertisements.

"A string of bizarre murders shocked this small hillside community. The killings ceased shortly after 20-year-old Florence Gilbert arrived in town." - WB advertisement.


Location: Yorkshire Moors, England.
Death: 1897.
Slayer Time: 1897.
Source: The Evil That Men Do.

Killed by Helen, the vampire, who, along with Angelus, feasted on her blood by drinking it from goblets.

1900s AD

Xin Rong (新荣)

Xin Rong

Played by: Ming Liu.
Location: Peking (Beijing), China.
Death: June 18, 1900.
Slayer Time: Unknown - June 18, 1900.
Sources: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("Fool for Love")
Spike & Dru ("All's Fair")
Blackout (page 103).

Influenced by the Boxers, Dowager Empress Cixi orders all Christians and foreigners slain, forcing them to flee from China or die. Xin Rong fights the vampire Spike during the Boxer Rebellion in a Buddhist temple, managing to scar his left eyebrow with her sword, and drops her stake during an explosion, giving Spike the upper hand. Spike drains the Slayer. Her last words are "Tell my mother I'm sorry." Spike replies, "Sorry, love. I don't speak Chinese." Drusilla finds Spike standing over Rong's body. He shares the Slayer's blood, which has aphrodisiac properties, with her as they make love while the city burns. Rong's grandfather calls Spike and Drusilla "foreigners", "demons" and "murderers" for killing his granddaughter. Rong's grandfather and her two brothers intend to avenge her.

Creighton Faust's Slayer

Location: Germany.
Watcher: Creighton Faust.
Slayer Time: 1903 - 1905.
Source: Referenced in Tales of the Slayer ("Undeadsville").

Creighton Faust's Slayer was driven insane when she discovered her Watcher had become a vampire. She was so distraught she killed herself.

Millicent Rose Gresham

Location: Duluth, Minnesota.
Watcher: Ambrose Richmond.
Birth: 1893.
Death: 1911.
Slayer Time: Active in 1911.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Sideshow Slayer").

Slayer Millicent "Millie" Rose Gresham, also known as "Fatima Araby" (her stage name), is chosen under Watcher Ambrose Richmond. Millie is a traveling Slayer covering within a carnival sideshow. The Slayer is approaching her eighteenth birthday, and therefore, the Cruciamentum awaits. She is set up in a funhouse at the sideshow she works at with her Watcher. The vampire Blasko (a former Watcher) interferes and Ambrose is killed along with the reviewing Council members and the vampire Millie was supposed to face. In the end, Millie outsmarts Blasko.

Arabella Gish

Arabella Gish

Location: Brooklyn, New York City, New York.
Slayer Time: Active in 1912.
Source: History of the Slayer WB advertisements.

"23 New Yorkers lost their lives in the 1912 Brooklyn Boarding House Murders. The killings ended abruptly when a student nurse named Arabella Gish sought lodgings in room number 6." - WB advertisement.

1910s Slayer

1910s Slayer

Slayer Time: Active in the 1910s.
Source: Twilight ("Them F#©%ing (Plus the True History of the Universe)").

A black Slayer with short hair in a yellow and orange outfit with ripped gloves is killed by a blond 18th century vampire. The vampire snaps her neck in his grip.

Alfred Gantry's Slayer

Location: Europe.
Watcher: Alfred Gantry.
Death: 1916.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 1916.
Source: Referenced in Tales of the Slayer ("Silent Screams").

Alfred Gantry's Slayer is killed by a vampire.

Dorothy Singers

Location: Chicago, Illinois.
Watcher: Reginald V. Hill.
Birth: June 30, 1901.
Death: 1919.
Slayer Time: Around 1917 - 1919.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Survivors").

The Slayer, Dorothy "Dot" Singers, is approaching her eighteenth birthday, and, therefore, the Cruciamentum awaits her. Her Watcher, Reginald Hill, is suffering from a very severe mental illness.

Ardita O'Reilly

Location: New York City, New York.
Watcher: Mr. Whiskers.
Slayer Time: Active in 1922.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("The War Between the States").

A young woman named Sally Jean comes to New York and becomes awed by a flapper named Ardita O'Reilly, who is in fact the current Slayer. Sally Jean becomes completely enthralled by everything that Ardita possesses, until she learns what exactly Ardita is and what she does.

Britta Kessler

Location: Munich, Germany.
Watcher: Frederich Lichterman.
Birth: 1906.
Death: November 8, 1923.
Slayer Time: Unknown - November 8, 1923.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Silent Screams").

Britta Kessler is brought up in a good German home. Britta is identified as a Potential Slayer in 1921 and trained by Frederich Lichterman, who had fought alongside Britta's father in World War I. However, during her training she never faces a vampire or demon. She becomes the Slayer, causing a great deal of fear in Britta, who makes Lichterman swear she will not die alone. Britta and her Watcher attend a screening of a new movie at the residence of Herr Sahr, only to find that the creators are vampires who seek to film the deaths of Britta, Lichterman and the rest of the people invited. Herr Lichterman runs away, leaving Britta to die alone and breaking his promise to her. Britta manages to release the rest of the prisoners, but is subdued by the vampires. Britta is turned by Herr Sahr and placed in her family's mausoleum. Lichterman goes to make sure that she doesn't rise, but Sahr locks him in with the newly-vamped Britta who wants nothing more than to kill the Watcher that betrayed her.

Flapper Slayer

Flapper Slayer

Slayer Time: Active in the 1920s.
Source: Twilight.

A flapper with a brunette bob is surprised at the glow around her as she is called as a Slayer outside of the Tropicana.

Chicago Slayer


Location: Chicago, Illinois.
Slayer Time: Active in May 1927.
Source: History of the Slayer WB advertisements.

"Over a period of two weeks, 41 bodies were found near Union Station. Shortly after the arrival of a young woman, the mysterious murders stopped." - WB advertisement.

Desmond Tretsky's Slayer

Watcher: Desmond Tretsky.
Slayer Time: Active in the 1930s.
Source: Unnatural Selection.

Pilot Slayer


Slayer Time: Active in the 1930s.
Source: Tales of the Slayers ("Tales", final page).

This Slayer wears what appears to be a 1930s aviation helmet.

Korean Slayer

Slayer Time: Active in the 1930s.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("The Puppet Show").

The demon hunter, Sid, claimed to have known this Slayer in the '30s, to the point of having had an intimate relationship with her in his pre-Dummy days.

Spanish Civil War Slayer

Location: Spain.
Death: Between July 17, 1936 & the 1937 Sunnydale earthquake.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 1936 or 1937.
Source: Unaired Pilot (first draft).

"The last Slayer I faced was a duchess during the Spanish War. What a fighter. Her blood was so rich I was sick for a week." - The Master

Rachel O'Connor

Rachel O'Connor

Location: New York City, New York.
Slayer Time: Active in 1937.
Source: Tales of the Slayers ("Broken Bottle Of Djinn").

Rachel is a member of an undercover anti-Nazi organization (OSS). She is recruited by the OSS to stop a Nazi agent from delivering an evil Djinn to his superiors in Germany. This New Yorker had rather unorthodox methods of vampire slaying, slumming through the bleak streets pretending to be blind and then slaying with pencils.

Anni Sonnenblume

Anni Sonnenblume

Location: Nuremberg, Germany.
Watcher: Unnamed wheelchair-bound male.
Birth: November 9, 1924.
Slayer Time: Active in September 1938.
Sources: Tales of the Slayers ("Sonnenblume"; "Tales", final page)
The Chain (cameo)
The Death of Buffy (Chapter 1, p.2).

Anni Sonnenblume lives with her mother and brother, Karl, in Nuremberg, Germany. Anni is the Slayer during 1938. She is a member of the Bund Deutscher Mädel (League of German Girls), the female branch of the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth). As part of Hitler's Youth, she needs to learn what real evil is: vampires or racism. She decides to fight the Nazis as well as vampires and demons.

Sophie Carstensen

Location: Denmark.
Watcher: Yanna Narvik.
Birth: August 31, 1923.
Death: September 7, 1940.
Slayer Time: August 1939 - September 7, 1940.
Source: Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row.

She was killed by Spike.

Isabel Cortés

Location: Barcelona, Spain.
Death: September 7, 1940.
Slayer Time: September 7, 1940 - September 7, 1940.
Source: Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row.

Isabel Cortés from Barcelona, Spain is chosen. Within four minutes, she is killed at the hands of the demon Skrymir.

Eleanor Boudreau

Locations: Lafayette, Louisiana & Denmark.
Watchers: Bertram Martin & Marie-Christine Fontaine.
Birth: 1924.
Slayer Time: September 7, 1940 - active on September 14th, 1940.
Sources: Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row
Tales of the Slayer ("Voodoo Lounge").

Eleanor Boudreau of Lafayette, Louisiana is chosen under Watcher Betram Martin. Along with Sophie's friend, Potential Ariana de la Croix of Geneva, Switzerland, the girls defeat Skrymir. Eleanor's Watcher steps down and asks Council director, Watcher Marie-Christine Fontaine, the daughter of Jacques Fontaine, to be the Slayer's Watcher. Potential Ariana de la Croix, who was training under Watcher Charles Rochemont, is asked to become a Watcher under Watcher-trainee John Travers, the father of Quentin Travers.

Elizabeth Winters

Location: Chicago, Illinois.
Watcher: Marcus Redmond.
Birth: 1921.
Death: 1943.
Slayer Time: Unknown - 1943.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Stakeout on Rush Street").

Slayer Elizabeth "Betty" Winters is chosen under Watcher and bookstore owner, Marcus Redmond. Elizabeth works as a private investigator in a business she inherited from her husband, Robert Winters, after he died overseas in the war. She has ties to the mob currently in Chicago and has helped them out on several occasions. When she learns that one of their current employees is a vampire, she informs the mob boss who agrees to pay her a large sum of money in exchange for her killing the vampire. Elizabeth is killed by an ancient vampire named Hunyadi within the year.

Zoë Kuryakin

Location: New York City, New York.
Watcher: Ian Sykes.
Birth: December 1934.
Death: December 1952.
Slayer Time: Around 1950 - December 1952.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Undeadsville").

This Slayer is a beatnik named Zoë. Zoë is turning eighteen and therefore will soon be having her Cruciamentum. Zoë's Watcher, Ian Sykes, is so alienated from her lifestyle that he conspires to see that his Slayer does not survive her Cruciamentum. During it, she is set against a vampire, Creighton Faust, who was a Watcher in life.

Asha Sayre

Location: Port Buck, Martin County, Florida.
Watcher: Laurent.
Birth: 1939.
Death: 1956.
Slayer Time: 1954 - 1956.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("And White Splits the Night").

Asha is a black Slayer who lives during the time of the Ku Klax Klan. She discovers that not only are humans in the KKK, but vampires as well. Because Asha lives on the outskirts of town with her Watcher, she has no idea what kind of demonic things go on in the town. While hunting, she discovers a vampire's plan to kill a black church group in a couple of days and bomb the place to the ground. She and her Watcher rush to the church to prevent the attack from happening. Asha manages to save the people in the church but ends up being killed herself.

Mariko (真理子)

Location: Tokyo, Japan.
Watcher: Kobo.
Slayer Time: 1956 - 1960.
Source: Blooded.

Beryl McKenzie

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada.
Watcher: Miranda Valance.
Birth: October 1951.
Death: April 1970.
Slayer Time: Active in October 1969 - April 1970.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Back to the Garden").

A pacifist Slayer, Beryl MacKenzie, approaches her eighteenth birthday and therefore her Cruciamentum awaits her. She joins a commune in Nova Scotia just before coming into her power. She must face the Cruciamentum as an initiation into being a Slayer.

Polish Slayer

Location: Northern Poland.
Slayer Time: April 1970 - December 1970.
Source: Blackout.

This Slayer was called following the death of Beryl McKenzie. Not much is known about this Slayer, only that she died around the time of the riots and protests that occurred in Poland in December 1970.

Nikki Wood

Nikki Wood

Played by: April Weeden-Washington and K.D. Aubert.
Location: Harlem, New York City, New York.
Watcher: Bernard Crowley.
Birth: 1955.
Death: July 1977.
Slayer Time: December 1970 - July 1977.
Sources: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Tales of the Slayers ("Nikki Goes Down!"; "Tales", final page)
Tales of the Slayer ("It's All About the Mission")
Queen of the Slayers

Nikki Wood is a New York-based Slayer in the 1970s. Nikki's boyfriend, an N.Y.P.D. policeman named Li, is killed. Nikki is pregnant during her Cruciamentum in 1973. Slayers are not intended to have children, so it is kept secret between Nikki and her Watcher. She has a little boy named Robin (who later plays a role in the seventh season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Nikki meets her match when she fights the vampire named Spike and is killed on the N.Y.C. subway. Nikki's neck is snapped and he takes her black leather coat. Robin Wood is raised by Bernard Crowley in Beverly Hills, California.

Peri Bohr

Location: Keller, Nebraska.
Watcher: Mr. McClellan.
Birth: 1965.
Slayer Time: Active in 1983.
Source: Tales of the Slayer ("Two Teenage Girls At The Mall").

Peri Bohr has her Cruciamentum in a local mall against a friend of hers named Julie Lemmer, who had only just been turned into a vampire and was feeling very confused about the whole thing. Julie's sire starves her and locks her in a mall. Unfortunately, Julie has unplanned-for advantages on the Slayer.

Dr. Primrose's Slayer

Watcher: Dr. Primrose.
Slayer Time: Active in the mid to late 20th century.
Source: Slayer, Interrupted.

Hungarian Slayer

Location: Budapest, Hungary.
Watcher: Merrick.
Slayer Time: Active in the mid to late 20th century.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) tie-in novel.

This Slayer is active during the mid to late 20th century and is one of five Slayers trained by Merrick. She is killed in a confrontation with Lothos, who rips out her heart.

Mexican Slayer

Location: Tijuana, Mexico.
Death: June 23, 1993.
Slayer Time: 1992 - June 23, 1993.
Sources: Tales of the Slayer ("The Code of the Samurai")
Crash Test Demons ("Lovesick Blues, part 2").

This Mexican Slayer is killed by a Congara demon which leads to India being chosen as the next Slayer. One of her broken bones is taken from Tijuana, Mexico and is used by the vampire Selke and Dr. Flitter to construct a clone of Buffy Summers.

India Cohen


Locations: North Carolina, Yokosuka, Tokyo, Italy, Spain & San Diego.
Watcher: Christopher "Kit" Bothwell.
Birth: 1978.
Death: Spring 1996.
Slayer Time: June 23, 1993 - spring 1996.
Sources: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Book of Fours
Tales of the Slayer ("The Code of the Samurai")
Twilight ("Them F#©%ing (Plus the True History of the Universe)").

India was born in 1978 in North Carolina. Her father is an officer in the U.S. Navy and her mother is a popular actress in the Philippines. India is called as a Slayer in 1993 while living in Japan, where her father, a submarine commander, is stationed. Together with her Watcher, she travels all over Japan slaying vampires. India and Kit fall in love but have to keep it a secret from the Watchers Council. Kit buys India a dog, which she names Mariposa.

"Wanderer Mummies" attack and try to steal India's soul. India fends them off, but they capture Kit and Mariposa. India, wearing yellow, fights a redheaded vampire, the Wanderer, beneath a street lamp at night in San Diego, California in the spring of 1996 and sacrifices her life to protect her family. When India dies surrounded by a stake and her blood on a tiled floor, Buffy is chosen as the next Slayer. The Wanderer then releases Kit and Mariposa. After India's death, Kit realizes his true feelings for India and gets in contact with a woman called Cecille Lafitte, who is a voodoo priestess living inside another woman's body and presents herself as a psychic who can help him get into contact with her. Cecille brainwashes him and makes him unknowingly a servant of the Gatherer. Kit comes into his final contact with India when India inhabits the body of Willow. India apologizes and throws herself off of a cliff to save Buffy and Faith; yet, somehow, killing her spirit leaves Willow completely intact.

Whistler and the Master make derogatory remarks about India's appearance in comparison to Buffy's.

Buffy Anne Summers

Buffy-sarah michelle gellar

Played by: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eliza Dushku, & Kristy Swanson (non-canon).
Locations: California (Los Angeles, Sunnydale and San Francisco), Scotland, Tokyo, Milan & Tibet.
Watchers: Merrick, Rupert Giles & Wesley Wyndam-Pryce.
Birth: January 20th, 1981.
Deaths: May 1997 and May 2001.
Slayer Time: May 1996 - May 1997, May 1997 - May 2001 and October 2001 - present.
Sources: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Origin
Tales of the Slayers ("Broken Bottle of Djinn"; "Tales", final page)
Tales of the Vampires ("Antique")
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight
...and numerous other tie-in novels and comics.

Buffy Anne Summers is a Slayer active in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Born in 1981, she was activated as the Slayer in 1996 at the age of fifteen. Initially based in Los Angeles, she later moved to Sunnydale where she acted as guardian of the Hellmouth for seven years before the town's destruction in 2003. Buffy is unique as a Slayer in many ways; she refuses to sacrifice her ordinary life for her supernatural destiny, often operates as part of a team with her friends the "Scooby Gang", and has maintained several romantic relationships, two of which were with notorious vampires Angel and Spike. Buffy is one of the longest-lived Slayers, and has returned from the dead not once but twice, an event which disrupted the traditional Slayer line. She later abolished the line completely with her plan to activate all the world's Potential Slayers, and is now dedicated to training the young Slayers she was responsible for creating.

Kendra Young

230px-Kendra - 01
Kendra Young
KendraYAdded by KendraY

Played by: Bianca Lawson.
Locations: Jamaica & Sunnydale, California.
Watcher: Sam Zabuto.
Death: May 1998.
Slayer Time: May 1997 - May 1998.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Kendra Young is a Slayer from Jamaica who is activated in 1997 by Buffy Summers' temporary death. Trained by her Watcher, Sam Zabuto, Kendra is completely dedicated to her calling. She was an ally to the Scooby Gang in battling the vampires, Spike and Drusilla, but is killed in 1998 by Drusilla after only a year-long tenure as a Slayer. Drusilla slit Kendra's throat with her fingernails in Sunnydale High School's library.

Faith Lehane

TheFanaticAdded by TheFanatic

Played by: Eliza Dushku & Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Locations: South Boston, Sunnydale, Los Angeles, Cleveland, London, Berlin, Hänselstadt, Nuremberg, Scotland & Tibet.
Watchers: Professor Diana Dormer, Rupert Giles, Gwendolyn Post & Wesley Wyndam-Pryce.
Birth: December 14th, 1980.
Slayer Time: May 1998 - Present.
Sources: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight
Go Ask Malice.

Most often described as "a rogue Slayer," circumstances have led Faith Lehane down a villainous path. Faith accidentally staked Deputy Mayor Allan Finch, which led her to join Mayor Richard Wilkins, whom she came to see as a father figure. While rogue, Faith also murdered a delivery man and Professor Lester Worth. She often struggles to balance the dark side of her nature with her desire to achieve redemption, being both an ally and an enemy of the Scooby Gang and Angel Investigations. Angel believed in Faith and she eventually turned herself in to the police. She served time in jail until she was broken out by Wesley to capture Angelus. She has built positive relationships with Angel, Wesley and Giles, but continues to be untrusted by Buffy.


The following Slayers were activated by Willow Rosenberg using the power of the scythe, as shown in the episode "Chosen". There are at least 1,800 new Slayers, 500 of whom now work for Buffy Summers' organization which deploys Slayers globally into 10 seperate squads.

Locations of Slayer Squads

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Chicago, Illinois
    • Squad Leaders: Rona and an unnamed female



Played by: Sarah Hagan.
Location: Sunnydale, California.
Birth: 1986.
Death: 2003.
Slayer Time: 2003.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Skilled tabletop RPG player; tends to beat up boys who bully her around (before manifesting Slayer abilities), often resulting with Amanda being sent to Buffy for counseling. She did not survive the battle at the Hellmouth.



Played by: Dania Ramírez.
Location: Dominican Republic & Sunnydale, California.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

A Hispanic slayer from the Dominican Republic, who, along with another Potential named Colleen, were in a sexual fantasy of Xander's. She is seen wielding an axe and wearing a skirt in battle. Buffy Magazine states she survived the Hellmouth battle.

Chao-Ahn (潮安)


Played by: Kristy Wu.
Location: Shanghai, China & Sunnydale, California.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This is a Slayer from Shanghai, China who only speaks Cantonese and can't understand others; notably Giles when he was telling her about the world of the supernatural. Chao-Ahn was also a source of comedic relief. Buffy Magazine states she survived the Hellmouth battle. She is seen on the bus fleeing the falling town.

Injured Slayer


Played by: Lisa Ann Cabasa.
Location: Sunnydale, California.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

She survived the Hellmouth battle. She is seen with Vi and Rona running away from the school into the bus.



Played by: Iyari Limon.
Location: New York City, Sunnydale, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro & San Francisco.
Watcher: Unnamed, killed by Bringers.
Birth: 1983 (age 19).
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Kennedy comes from a wealthy New York City family with a summer home in the Hamptons and has a half-sister. Kennedy was taught to use a crossbow at the age of eight. Kennedy witnessed the Bringers killing her Watcher. Kennedy is one of the first three Potential Slayers to arrive in Sunnydale. An out-of-the-closet lesbian, Kennedy has known about her sexuality since the age of five (commenting that she found out watching Gone with the Wind), and aggressively pursues a relationship with Willow. Kennedy survived battle at the Hellmouth. After the fall of Sunnydale, she and Willow went to São Paulo, Brazil, but they were frequently in Rio de Janeiro. After a brief mystical death and resurrection prior to Season Eight, she and Willow are taking their relationship slowly.



Played by: Indigo.
Location: Sunnydale, California & Chicago, Illinois.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Rona is an African-American girl who had no prior knowledge of being a Potential Slayer, and thus did not like being one. She was not afraid to speak her mind and often went head to head with Buffy and Dawn. Her arm was broken by Caleb in battle, but she proved to be a courageous fighter in the Hellmouth Battle, even with a broken arm and sustaining many injuries. After Faith started to go down in the battle at the Hellmouth, Faith tossed Rona the Scythe, which she used to great effect before giving it back to Buffy, thus making her the only person bar Buffy and Faith to use the weapon during the battle. She survived the battle at the Hellmouth. In Issue #5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight she is a squad leader, and is the person who decides the Girl to be Buffy Decoy #2.



Played by: Felicia Day.
Location: Texas, Sunnydale & New York City.
Watcher: Unnamed, killed by Bringers.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

A red-head, presumably from Texas. Vi did not appear to be up for the Slayer life, but this changed when she was seen in battle. At the time of her arrival, she was the only Potential Slayer, out of Kennedy, Rona, Molly, Chloe and Eve to have seen an image of a vampire, although a blurred image. Vi even said that she had fun killing Bringers and Turok-Han. She killed the vampire who stabbed Buffy in the Hellmouth and is shown to do more fighting than any of the other newly activated Slayers. When escaping Sunnydale on the school bus, she is seen encouraging Rona to fight the pain of her injuries, even by slapping her and saying it's nothing. Survived battle at the Hellmouth. In Issue #5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, she is seen on a television commercial with Andrew trying to recruit slayers. She is currently the squad leader for the Slayer cell based out of Manhattan.



Played by: Mary Wilcher.
Location: Sunnydale, California.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Upon her arrival in Sunnydale, Shannon was being chased by Bringers until she was picked up by a preacher. The preacher, revealed to be Caleb, stabbed her and branded her neck with his ring. Before dumping her on the road, he told her to pass a message on to Buffy. She was soon saved by Willow and Faith. Upon waking up in hospital, Shannon told Buffy that Caleb had something that belonged to her, which was revealed to be the scythe. Buffy magazine states she survived the Hellmouth battle.

Softball Slayer


Played by: Demetra Raven.
Birth: 1991 (12 years old according to "Chosen" script).
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("Chosen").

Was called as a Slayer while playing softball when Willow cast her spell.

Japanese Slayer


Played by: Ally Matsumura.
Location: Japan.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("Chosen").

Was called as a Slayer while having a meal at home with her family in Japan when Willow cast her spell.

Indian Slayer


Played by: Katie Gray.
Location: India.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("Chosen").

Was called as a Slayer in India when Willow cast her spell.

High School Student Slayer


Played by: Kelli Wheeler.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("Chosen").

Was called as a Slayer in a high school when Willow cast her spell.

Trailer Slayer


Played by: Jenna Edwards.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("Chosen").

Was called as a Slayer in a trailer when Willow cast her spell. The spell happened just in time for her to prevent a man from striking her.



Played by: Navi Rawat.
Location: Los Angeles, California.
Birth: 1978.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Angel ("Damage").

When Dana was 10 years old, her family was murdered by Walter Kindel. For months, Kindel drugged and tortured Dana in the basement of a distillery. She was found naked and bleeding, nearly catatonic, and taken to a psychiatric hospital. During her 15 years at the hospital, Dana experienced visions and dreams about the lives of previous Slayers. When activated as a Slayer, Dana became frenzied and violent; not even Thorazine was enough to subdue her. Dr. Rabinaw taped his sessions with Dana speaking in Romanian, Chinese and other languages; the recordings were kept secret, as he planned to write a book on her.

Eventually, Dana escaped, murdering a male nurse in the process and painting her face with his blood. Dana returned to the distillery after a string of murders. Spike, who initially believed Dana was possessed by a demon, tracked the Slayer. In Dana's state of mind, she had come to believe that Spike and Walter Kindel were the same person. Dana drugged Spike and sawed off his hands. Dana was prevented from killing Spike by Angel and Wesley. Dana was taken by W&H's Special Ops team, though they were interrupted by Andrew Wells and a team of Slayers. Having been told that the Scooby Gang no longer trusted them, Angel agreed to hand over Dana to Andrew.

Slayer of Tom Mitchell


Location: Los Angeles, California.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Tales of the Vampires ("Father").

This Slayer dusts a vampire, Tom Mitchell, in front of his dying son. She believes Tom to be the dying man's son, rather than his father. Tom's son does not correct her as he dies of old age.

Slayer Prisoner #1

Gunn's Slayer

Location: Los Angeles, California.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Angel: After the Fall.

This Slayer was captured along with two other girls and used for training by Charles Gunn and his gang of vampires. While Non visits Gunn, she turns the three Slayers into zombies. Betta George psychically freezes the Slayer in order to stop her from attacking him. Gunn plunges a knife into the girl's chest. She is unable to scream as she dies. Due to the magic of Gunn's headquarters, she and the two other Slayers that Gunn has been training against have been constantly resurrected for him to kill again. The three Slayers are later freed by Spike.

Slayer Prisoner #2


Location: Los Angeles, California.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Angel: After the Fall.

This Slayer was captured along with two other girls and used for training by Charles Gunn and his gang of vampires. While Non visits Gunn, she turns the three Slayers into zombies. Due to the magic of Gunn's headquarters, she and the two other Slayers that Gunn has been training against have been constantly resurrected for him to kill again. The three Slayers are later freed by Spike.

Slayer Prisoner #3


Location: Los Angeles, California.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Angel: After the Fall.

This Slayer was captured along with two other girls and used for training by Charles Gunn and his gang of vampires. While Non visits Gunn, she turns the three Slayers into zombies. Due to the magic of Gunn's headquarters, she and the two other Slayers that Gunn has been training against have been constantly resurrected for him to kill again. The three Slayers are later freed by Spike.



Location: Transylvania, Romania.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Tales of the Vampires ("Antique").

In 2006, Buffy, Kira, and another scythe-activated Slayer break into the stronghold of the legendary vampire, Vlad Dracula, in an effort to rescue Buffy's comrade, Xander, who had been placed in a trance to serve as Dracula's manservant. After a brief battle, Dracula finally agrees to release Xander from the trance and return him to Buffy.

Dracula Slayer


Location: Transylvania, Romania.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Tales of the Vampires ("Antique").

In 2006, this Slayer joined Buffy Summers and Kira in rescuing Xander Harris from the legendary vampire, Vlad Dracula.



Location: Scotland.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight.

Leah is a Slayer with large, puffy, red hair and apparently one of the best in Buffy's squad along with Satsu and Rowena. She speaks with a Scottish brogue. When Buffy chooses Satsu out of all the Slayers to help her rescue Willow, Leah tells Satsu that it should have been herself, and that she had better not embarrass them.

Satsu (薩)


Location: Scotland & Tokyo, Japan.
Birth: 1982-1983.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight

Satsu is a Japanese Slayer who is one of the best in Buffy's squad, along with Leah and Rowena. She is known for her funky hairstyles and wardrobe. Selected as the most skilled Slayer in Buffy's squad, she is chosen to assist Buffy in rescuing Willow in part four of the "The Long Way Home". Satsu has aided Buffy many times in missions and battles. She has appeared in "The Long Way Home" parts 1, 2 and 4 and makes cameos in "The Chain", and "Anywhere But Here". She has a much bigger role in "A Beautiful Sunset". In this issue, Buffy takes Satsu to a vampire nest, and they dispose of them quickly. Buffy lets Satsu know that Buffy and her friends have become aware that Satsu is in love with her. Buffy does not return Satsu's affections but is sincerely flattered, though she warns Satsu that people who love her have a tragic history of getting hurt. Afterward, when Twilight attacks, Satsu is knocked out at the beginning of the battle. She and Buffy briefly share a sexual relationship, Buffy's first experiment at sex with women, but ultimately parts ways with Buffy, who promotes her to leader of the Japanese regiment.



Location: Scotland.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight.

A blonde-haired Slayer who is apparently one of the best in Buffy's squad. She speaks with a Germanic accent.



Location: Scotland.
Slayer Time: 2003 - 2006.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight.

Renee is first seen manning a computer in issue #1, where she enjoys flirtatious banter about comic books with Xander. In issue #2, another Slayer tells her that she's in love with Xander, having recently developed a keen interest in comics, James Bond films and drywalling. Later that issue, we see her stabbed from behind by a Scottish zombie, although she survives as seen in #3. She and Xander are starting to be "sparring partners" as stated by Xander in #6. In issue #7 she is sent by Buffy to talk to Willow about fixing the new radar stations installed to protect them from the army. In issue #12, she is seen prompting Xander to ask her out, which he then does. One of the Japanese vampires, Toru, stakes Renee in the heart with the scythe.


Location: Barcelona, Spain.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: The Long Way Home.

Donna is one of the newly activated Slayers and is the head of a squad consisting of seven Slayers based out of Barcelona, Spain.

Rome Decoy Slayer


Location: Rome, Italy.
Watcher: Andrew Wells.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Sources: The Girl in Question
The Long Way Home.

This Slayer was cast as a fake Buffy decoy by Andrew Wells. She posed as Buffy while Angel and Spike chased after The Immortal and the head of the Capo di Famiglia of the Goran demon clan in Rome, Italy. Andrew thought it was funny to pretend that Buffy was dating The Immortal, who had a past history of playing games with Angel and Spike and sleeping with Darla and Drusilla. Buffy is not aware why Andrew thought it was funny. The decoy Slayer with the long, blonde hair was seen dancing with The Immortal in a loud, crowded nightclub. This decoy Buffy was trailed by a man sent by Angel to keep an eye on 'Buffy' to make sure she was all right and to watch for any significant threats against her. However, this spy did a poor job as he was discovered and this Slayer beat him pretty bad---sending him to a hospital unconscious.

Underground Decoy Slayer

The Chain

Location: Chicago, Illinois.
Watcher: Rona.
Death: 2006.
Slayer Time: 2003 - 2006.
Source: The Chain.

This Slayer was called while at school with her friends. She saves a jock from being hit by a semi-truck. She sees Andrew and Vi's Slayer recruitment commercial and finds a place she belongs. While training at Rona and Giles' headquarters in Chicago, Illinois along with Simone Doffler, she is bitten by a vampire during a group patrol. It is mentioned to her that Buffy also has a scarred bite mark on her neck. She is chosen by Rona to become a fake Buffy decoy, for which she must dye her hair blonde. She is talked to by a fairy and killed by Yamanh, who believes he has killed the real Buffy. She has never met Buffy.

Genevieve Savidge

Genevieve Savidge

Location: England.
Watcher: Roden.
Death: 2006.
Slayer Time: 2003 - 2006.
Source: No Future For You.

Genevieve "Gigi" Savidge first appears in issue #6 of Season Eight in which she is introduced as a villainous Slayer whom Faith has been assigned by Giles to eliminate. She is the daughter of the Duke of England and extremely spoiled. She is being "tutored" by someone by the name of Roden, whose teaching involves the killing of Slayers. She is rich, protected, spoiled, powerful, and is plotting to kill Buffy in order to gain control of the Slayers. In issue #8, Roden and her plan sets in motion. Buffy get's teleported to Savidge's house where they fight. As Faith jumps in to save Genevieve from Buffy, Genevieve realizes Faith has lied to her about her identity. As Buffy escapes, Genevieve turns on Faith, and in the ensuing fight, Genevieve is accidentally killed.

Slayer Victim of Genevieve Savidge


Location: England.
Death: 2006.
Slayer Time: 2003 - 2006.
Source: No Future For You.

This cockney slayer was abducted by the warlock Roden, and let loose on the estate grounds of Lady Genevieve Savidge, who set out on horseback to hunt the girl down in the fashion of a foxhunt. Unbeknownst to this girl was that her hunter was also a Slayer, so in an attempt to escape, she sent a hard kick to Gigi's chest, leaving a muddy boot print. In anger for ruining her favorite shirt, Gigi hit her with a hard back hand, sending her flying and snapping her neck in the process. The only remorse Savidge showed for taking the life of another Slayer was being upset that she hadn't put up more of a fight.

Aiko (愛子)


Location: Tokyo, Japan.
Death: 2006.
Slayer Time: 2003 - 2006.
Source: Wolves at the Gate.

Aiko leads the Tokyo-based Slayer regiment. She is contacted by Buffy's Scotland-based Scooby Gang after a cabal of Japanese vampires stole Buffy's scythe. It is Aiko who discovers the Japanese vampire clan's leader's name: Toru. She trails the vampires, but they are aware of this and ambush her and test their spell, successfully removing her Slayer powers. Her lifeless body is left hanging from a building in Tokyo as a message to Buffy.

Simone Doffler


Location: Chicago, Rome, Milan.
Watcher: Andrew Wells.
Slayer Time: 2003 - 2008.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight.

Simone Doffler, whose hair is a pink Mohawk, is first seen in Slayer training during a flashback in issue #5. Simone Doffler is a Slayer who worked for the Watchers Council; she was a member of Rona's training squad based in Chicago. Simone wasn't particularly respected among her peers, one of whom pointed out that she would not be willing to risk her life for others. Eventually, Rona transferred Simone to Andrew Wells' squad in Rome, believing that a less urban setting might soften her "rough edges". Buffy later described this as Rona "passing the buck".

Simone continually expressed a desire to use guns instead of traditional Slayer weapons. Andrew dismissed her for even suggesting this, insisting that Slayer do not use guns. Simone met three other Slayer and finally went rogue, using guns and her Slayer powers to break the law instead of battling evil.

Later, Simone conducted numerous experiments into Slayer-vampire hybrids in an attempt to make herself more powerful than Buffy. This eventually led her to the Deeper Well, where she allowed herself to be bitten and sired in 2008 by Maloker the Old One who sired the first vampire.



Location: Los Angeles, California.
Birth: 1991.
Death: 2007.
Slayer Time: Fall 2007.
Source: Harmonic Divergence.

Soledad is a Slayer called on her 16th birthday while backing out from being in a Latina girl gang called Las Cuchillas. Soledad sees Andrew and Vi's television commercial. Andrew approaches Soledad and explains Slayers and vampires. Soledad is turned off by Buffy's inclusivity pitch that she associates with having been part of Las Cuchillas. Soledad comes across Harmony Kendall and her television crew while in a tattoo parlor getting her Las Cuchillas tattoo obscured. Soledad attempts to take out Harmony as an extra on her reality television show Harmony Bites with a broken clacker, but is staked on camera by Harmony. Soledad outs Slayers on television and causes an image problem for Buffy and her race of Slayers with the vampire-loving public.


Ayumi (あゆみ)

Location: Tokyo, Japan.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Swell.

Ayumi is a Japanese Slayer who is based in the Tokyo squad headed by Satsu.



Location: Tokyo, Japan.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Swell.

Malita is a Spanish Slayer who is based in the Tokyo squad headed by Satsu.


Nisha (निशा)

Location: Milan, Italy.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Predators and Prey.

Nisha is an Indian Slayer and the right-hand lieutenant of a band of rogue Slayers headed by Simone Doffler.



Location: Hänselstadt, Germany.
Slayer Time: 2003 - Present.
Source: Safe.

Courtney is a Slayer who left her squad and made her way to Germany in order to find the "Slayer Sanctuary". She botches a slay and is saved by Faith Lehane and Rupert Giles. She leads them to a train that will take them to Hänselstadt, a small village surrounded by mountains and the supposed location of the sanctuary. Faith reinspires her to want to be Chosen again. She hopes Faith can do the same for the other Slayers in the sanctuary. She becomes a target for a fear/regret demon holed up in a library, but helps Faith and Giles defeat it. Once the demon is dead, Faith leads Courtney, Giles, and the rest of the townspeople into battle against the awaiting vampires.



Location: Nashua, New Hampshire.
Slayer Time: 2003 - 2008.
Source: "The Thrill"

Alexia attends high school in a small New Hampshire town with Jacob, her best friend, during a time when vampires are in and it is social suicide to be a Slayer. Alexia eventually discovers that Jacob has allowed vampires to feed off of him, giving him a temporary high; and while she does not approve of it, remains silent for fear of persecution. During a snowstorm, Jacob is beaten by the three vampires who regularly fed from him, but is found by a female vampire named May and sired. Alexia presses Jacob about his strange behavior and tries to get him to see that vampires are soulless killers. When May appears, and once Alexia realizes why she was there and what she was, the two begin to fight. Alexia dusts May. Jacob, furious at her for killing May and for not conforming to the belief that vampires are good, drains Alexia to the point of death. Realizing he doesn't want to lose her, he gives her the choice to die or to be sired.



Location: Rome, Italy.
Slayer Time: 2003 - 2008.
Source: Retreat, part 1.

Posey is a Slayer who is part of the Italian squad. She is fluent in Latin and translates the graffiti left by early Christian martyrs in the Roman catacombs. She is killed by one of the Goatmen that Amy Madison sent to ambush her squad in the underground catacombs.



Location: Atlanta, Georgia & Morgan City, Louisiana.
Slayer Time: 2003 - 2008.
Source: Twilight ("Buffy Has F#©$ing Superpowers").

Cori is a Slayer based in the United States. Prior to the battle with Twilight's army, Cori, along with a squad of other Slayers were training in Atlanta, Georgia. Sometime in the 48 hours that Buffy and her army of Slayers were battling the goddesses and Twilight's army, Cori and her squad were attacked by a mob. She is discovered days later by Willow in a marsh in Morgan City, Louisiana, barely alive. Surrounded by the corpses of her squad floating in the swamp, she informs Willow of what had happened, and as she loses consciousness, begs Willow not to tell Buffy that they failed in their mission.



Location: Chicago, Illinois & San Francisco, California.
Slayer Time: 2003 - .
Source: Welcome to the Team

Anaheed was originally a Slayer based in Rona's Chicago squad. She later became Buffy's roommate in San Francisco to protect her former leader from Simone, but did not let on to Buffy that she was a Slayer like her.


AngelWingsAdded by AngelWings

Location: Azores, Portugal & London, England.
Slayer Time: 2003 -2008 .
Source: Live Through This

Nadira was a part of the Slayer Organization and a member of a Slayer squad based in the Azores. Many of the other Slayers in Nadira's squad, whom she loved like sisters, were slaughtered by Pearl and Nash, two powerful half-demon and members of the terrorist Twilight Group. After, she moves in London where under Faith Lehane's supervision, she becomes the leader of a squad including Daphne, Marianne and Vanessa. She was severely burned and killed in 2008 by Nash.



Location: London, England.
Slayer Time: 2003 - .
Source: Live Through This

Daphne was a Slayer of Black British descent and member of Nadira's London squad.



Location: London, England.
Slayer Time: 2003 - 2008.
Source: Daddy Issues

Marianne was a member of Nadira's London squad. She was killed in 2008 by Drusilla.



Location: London, England.
Slayer Time: 2003 - .
Source: Death and Consequences

Vanessa was a member of Nadira's London squad.

Tessa Freer

Location: Chicago, Illinois & San Francisco, California.
Slayer Time: 2003 - 2008?.
Source: Welcome to the Team


Tessa was a member of Rona's Chicago squad who later went rogue as part of Simone's crew. Following the end of magic, Simone subjected Tessa to a vampire siring ritual to see if she could turn her into a zompire as part of an experiment aimed at becoming more powerful than Buffy. Simone released Tessa—who was now a mindless feral beast—San Francisco, where she proved to be a particularly powerful challenge to Buffy. She attacked and severely injured Buffy's friend Robert Dowling.


Other, minor Slayers have made appearances, including:

23rd Century AD

Melaka Fray

Melaka Fray2

Location: Haddyn (Manhattan), New York City, New York.
Watcher: Unnamed bald man, who set himself on fire. A demon named Urkonn of the D'avvrus also filled a Watcher-like role.
Birth: Unknown, 19 years old.
Slayer Time: "Two hundred years" after the last Slayer to be called.
Sources: Fray
Tales of the Slayers ("Tales")
Time of Your Life.

Melaka Fray and her brother, Harth, are twins, and thus the Slayer powers are somehow split between them. Unlike other Slayers she has had no prophetic dreams of her destiny or of the Slayers before her. She holds herself responsible for the death of her brother and is now trying to figure out what her destiny as the Slayer entails. Harth has the prophetic dreams, while Melaka has the strength and agility of Slayers. Melaka is a thief who works for Gunther, while her sister, Erin, is a law. Melaka carries the scythe used to activate all of the Potential Slayers and close the Sunnydale Hellmouth back in 2003.

Unspecified Times

African Slayer #1


Location: Africa.
Source: Note from the Underground (Chapter 3, p.3).

African Slayer #2


Location: Africa.
Source: Note from the Underground (Chapter 3, p.4).

African Slayer #3


Location: Africa.
Source: The Death of Buffy (Chapter 1, p.3).

Priestess Slayer

Source: The Worst of It p.7 - mentioned by Harth.

Virginia Slave Slayer

Location: Virginia.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992).

This Slayer is an African slave in Virginia who is killed by Lothos.

Magyar Peasant Slayer

Location: Hungary.
Sources: The Origin (p.16 - mentioned by Merrick)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992).

This Slayer is a Magyar peasant in Hungary who is killed by Lothos.

Romanian Slayer

Location: Romania.
Source: Damage (channeled through Dana and understood by Angel).

Alternate reality and stand-ins

Buffy Anne Summers


Played by: Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Location: Los Angeles, California, Cleveland, Ohio & Sunnydale, California.
Watcher: Merrick (killed) & unidentified Watcher.
Birth: January 20th, 1981.
Death: December 1998.
Slayer Time: May 1996 - December 1998.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("The Wish").

Buffy Summers, in an alternate reality created by Cordelia Chase and Anyanka, has a dark and pessimistic outlook on life and an estranged relationship with her current Watcher in Cleveland, Ohio. Buffy is called to the Hellmouth in Sunnydale, California by Giles when Cordelia claims that Buffy was supposed to be there. Buffy rescues Angel at the Bronze when he tells her that she was supposed to come to Sunnydale, despite her mistrust of him for being a vampire. Xander stakes Angel. Buffy has no reaction to his death or any of the deaths of her friends from another reality, including her staking of Xander. Her neck is snapped by the Master when she fails to stop the opening of the Factory.



Played by: Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Location: Sunnydale, California.
Watcher: Rupert Giles.
Birth: Created on April 24th, 2001.
Death: Destroyed on October 2nd, 2001.
Slayer Time: Stood in for Buffy Summers May 22nd, 2001 - October 2nd, 2001.
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Built by Warren Mears at the commission of Spike. The Buffybot was torn apart by a demon gang of bikers.

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