Comic Story
"Some Like It Hot"
Publication date April 28, 2004
Published in "Tales of the Vampires, Part Five"
Pages 6
Creative Team
Writer(s) Sam Loeb
Penciller(s) Tim Sale
Editor(s) Scott Allie
Inker(s) Tim Sale
Colorist(s) Tim Sale
Letterer(s) Richard Starkings

Some Like It Hot is a Tales short story. It was originally published in comic issue Tales of the Vampires, Part Five.


A vampire seeks fun in the sun through some unusual surgery.


  • The story takes place after "The Innocent" and before "Presumption".
  • Vampires becoming temporarily invincible crumbling into dust through a procedure that removes their hearts had been featured in "Heartthrob".




Death Count

  • The nurse, killed by the unnamed vampire.

Behind the Scenes



Vampire - "The sun! After so long I'm finally able to bask in its warm, beautiful rays. All the cold is gone! All that's left is warmth and joy! Yeah. Warmth. Warmth and... warmth and... and... $#%@, it's hot. I need a drink..."

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