Comic Story
Publication date February 20, 2002
Published in "Tales of the Slayers"
Pages 10
Creative Team
Writer(s) Rebecca Rand Kirshner
Penciller(s) Mira Friedmann
Editor(s) Scott Allie
Inker(s) Mira Friedmann
Colorist(s) Mira Friedmann
Letterer(s) Jason Hvam

"Sonnenblume" was the sixth story in the "Tales of the Slayers" graphic novel.


On September 10, 1938, at age 14, German Slayer Anni Sonnenblume was a member of the Hitlerjugend and present during one of Adolf Hitler's speeches at Nuremberg. Afterwards, her brother reminded her that their mother had asked her to pick up bread. Anni went to a Jewish bakery run by the Green-family; Mrs. Green returned her mother's rolling-pin to Anni. On the way home, Anni spotted a vampire and killed him with the broken rolling-pin. Doing so, she dropped the bread and flour she had gotten, for which her mother later got angry. When her mother found out Anni had shopped at a Jewish baker, she told her not to do so anymore.

In the time after, Anni trained under the guidance of her wheelchair bound watcher, who confirmed her suspicion that there was more evil in the world, than just vampires. At the Hitlerjugend, meanwhile, she was indoctrinated with the idea that Jews were evil.

One day, when out for a walk with her friends, she passed the Green bakery. Mrs. Green greeted Anni amicably and her friends teased her for knowing a Jew, upon which Anni lashed out against Mrs. Green.

Some days later, when out patrolling, Anni witnessed some of the atrocities comitted by Nazi German soldiers upon the Jewish civilian population during Kristallnacht. When asked by an army officer to betray the Greens, she attacked him and she determined to fight Nazi Germans in addition to vampires.


The story is set after "Spike vs. Dracula, Part Two", but before "Spike vs. Dracula, Part Three".



Organizations and Titles




  • Nuremberg, Germany

Weapons and Objects

Death Count

Behind the Scenes



The name comes from German and means "sunflower".

Pop Culture References


Anni Sonnenblume - "It's my duty to fight evil. And I finally recognize the real evil here."


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