Angel and Lindsay go into the travel agency.

I... it's just an address, I don't know what they do there, I don't want to know...
Sam to Angel and Lindsey McDonald[src]

Southern California Travel was, supposedly, a travel agency located in Los Angeles. However, it was a front for a body shop ran by Fairfield Clinic and Wolfram & Hart. Following orders from the law firm, corrupt parole officer Sam took his parolees, such as Bradley Scott, to Southern California Travel.

The agency had a secret basement where a number of human prisoners were imprisoned in pods where they were kept alive and sedated via drugs and the blessings of a Pockla Demon. The doctors of Fairfield Clinic, such as Dr. Michaels, extracted limbs and organs from their living prisoners to transplant them to the Clinic's clients, such as Lindsey McDonald, who received the hand of Bradley Scott.

Angel and Lindsey were taken to Southern California Travel by Sam himself and faced a number of thugs that protected the place from outsiders. After defeating them, the pair discovered the basement. Angel rescued the non-mutilated victims, while Lindsey destroyed the pods and euthanized the victimized prisoners.

Afterward, Angel broke the agency's gas pipes and made the entire place explode.