"I love what you've, um, neglected to do with the place. "
Joyce Summers about the Crypt[src]

The interior of Spike's crypt.

Spike's Crypt is the term used to describe a particular crypt in the Sunnydale Cemetery that Spike made his home circa 2000-2002.

In 2000, after Spike moved out of Xander's basement, he moved into a crypt in one of Sunnydale's many cemeteries. A hole in the crypt floor leads into an underground cavern, which is part of Sunnydale's extensive network of tunnels, and which contains what is apparently Spike's bedroom and a small shrine dedicated to Buffy (composed of many pictures and objects that Spike had pilfered from her home); in the case of the latter, however, Buffy indirectly destroyed it in "Crush" by punching Spike with enough force to send him flying into it.

Spike was seen going round a cemetery, looking for a new place in "A New Man". In "The I in Team", when the interior of the crypt is first shown, it is mostly empty, and Spike is seen sleeping on a "bed" composing of a stone slab and a ratty old blanket; however, Spike soon turns it into a comfortable home, complete with a recliner, cable TV, and food storage. A lower level of the crypt is shown in "As You Were" where Riley discovered Suvolte demon's eggs.

When Spike left for Africa to get his soul, he left Clem in possession of his crypt. It is last seen in "Two to Go" -- Spike was not seen to return to the crypt after his return to Sunnydale in Season Seven, instead staying first in the basement of the new Sunnydale High and then at Buffy's house, and it is not known whether Clem continued to live there until his departure.

It was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Sunnydale following the Battle at the Hellmouth.

Prominent Events


  • Spike concludes a pact with Adam, in exchange for the removal of his chip.
  • Riley visits Spike to obtain information on Dracula.
  • Spike had erotic dreams about Buffy, revealing his true feelings for the Slayer.
  • After Dawn's kidnapping, Harmony Kendall was a temporary resident here until her breakup with Spike.


  • Menaced by Glorificus, Buffy charge Spike to protect Dawn and Joyce.
  • Spike and Joyce watch Passions.
  • When returned at Sunnydale, Drusilla visit Spike.
  • Spike declare his love to Buffy, prisoner, and tent to dust Drusilla to prove it. However, it failed, due to Harmony's intervention.
  • Drusilla and Buffy fight for the first time.
  • Spike had sex with the Buffybot.
  • Spike was kidnapped by Glorificus's minions.
  • Spike had sex with Buffy, followed by what he recognizes as their first congenial conversation.
  • Spike had sex with an invisible Buffy.


  • Riley and Buffy discovered Suvolte demon's eggs under the basement. Buffy used bomb to kill the baby demons, blowing up the crypt.
  • Buffy ends her relationship with Spike.
  • A depressed and guilt ridden Spike travels in Africa to regain his soul by undertaking the Demon Trials, leaving the crypt to his friend Clem.
  • Menaced by Dark Willow, Buffy charge Clem to protect Dawn.

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