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You – poor orphaned crew of the unpronounceable – you brought me onboard in hopes that together we could find your purpose.

Spike's crew was a group of giant bug-like demons who served Spike in a flying ship.


The crew was originally a scout ship, sent to find sustainable environment for their people. While they were in this mission, though, their home was destroyed, and the crew become all that was left[1].

Their ship was then hijacked by Wolfram & Hart, who wanted to use its interdimensional flight capabilities to escape Earth before the Universal Recreation took place. Spike defended the bugs, however their king KlKK RKKKK Fkkkt died in the fight. In his last moments, he told the vampire their story and made him their new leader, asking him to find a new life and purpose for them[1].

The crew continued to support Spike through the Twilight crisis[2], helped him to return to Earth[3], as well as took care of him[4]. According to Irene, Spike gave them Earth-style names, became familiar with their culture, read them poetry, helped out with the grubs in the nursery, chaperoned a dance with "an exotic vessel," dealt with their fights, and ministered wedding ceremonies[3].

Spike and his crew departed ways when the ship was destroyed by a giant Moai, and the group made their new home on an Easter Island's cave[5].

Powers and Abilities

These demons possessed both great intelligence and great strength, being able to plow through a brick wall[6]. They also wore armor that was extremely resilient as bullets only caused minor discomfort. However, their exposed heads were till vulnerable. General Voll killed one smashing its head with a large rock[7], while Simone Doffler slaughtered a group of them with little effort[6].

Known members



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