Btvs This article is about a subject whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a title, nickname or alias.

Spike's crew was a group of giant bug-like demons who served him in his flying ship. They were quite strange and eccentric in behavior and were comically very foul-mouthed and tend to use meticulous scientific terms. They swore whenever they addressed a human or any other earth species.


Their ship was hijacked by Wolfram & Hart who wanted to use its interdimensional flight capabilities to escape Earth before the Universal Recreation prophecy took place. Spike defended the bugs however their king died in the fight. While dying, he made Spike the new leader and told him to help his people find a sustainable environment. They continued to support Spike's through the Twilight crisis and stayed with him after that. When their ship was destroyed by a giant Moai, they decided to leave Spike and stay on Easter Island.

Powers and Abilities

These demons possessed both great intelligence and great strength as two of them could plow through a brick wall. They also wore armor that was extremely resilient as bullets only caused minor discomfort. However, their exposed heads were till vulnerable. General Voll killed one by sneaking up on it and smashing its skull with a large rock, while Simone Doffler slaughtered a group of them with little effort.

Known members


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