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This article is about the 100-page comic book. For other uses, see Spike.
Spike Comic Book
Spike: 100-Page Spectacular
Spike 100 page spectacular
Publication date 15 June, 2011
Published by IDW Publishing
Pages 100
Creative Team
Written by Brian Lynch
Peter David
Scott Tipton
Penciller(s) David Messina
Joe Corroney
Franco Urru
Fernando Goni
Inker(s) David Messina
Joe Corroney
Jeff Dabu
Franco Urru
Impacto Studios
Colorist(s) Illara Traversi
Thomas Mason
Matteo Gherardi
Fabio Mantovani
Elena Virzi
Impacto Studios
Comic Book Collections
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"Spike: 100-Page Spectacular" was a trade paperback collecting several Spike-stories previously published by IDW Publishing as a way to send-off the character, before the license reverted back to Dark Horse Comics.