Spike Comic Issue
Spike: After the Fall, Part Two
Publication date August 6, 2008
Published by IDW Publishing
Issue # 2
Pages 23
Creative Team
Written by Brian Lynch
Penciller(s) Franco Urru
Inker(s) Franco Urru
Colorist(s) Art Lyon
publication order
Spike: After the Fall, Part One
Spike: After the Fall, Part Three

"Spike: After the Fall, Part Two" was the second issue of the Spike: After the Fall comic book mini-series.


Cordelia took Spike to Wolfram & Hart, where a figure whom Spike did not recognize was suspended inside an energy field, writhing in pain. Spike returned to his base and found the cilivians under his protection had been taken. He encountered Spider, commandeered her truck, and found the hostages, then tried to run down their leader of the group of female demons. She threw Fred in front of the truck, and Fred reverted to Illyria on impact. Illyria and Spike began to melee the demon women, but their leader used life-draining magic to turn the hostages into zombies and knock out Spike and Illyria. Spike awoke chained in a dark room filled with his zombified wards, and the demon leader told him she was keeping him alive for his connections.


The story is set after "First Night: Spike", but before "Angel: After the Fall".




Behind the Scenes

Collected in


Variant Covers

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