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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.
Spike Comic Issue
Spike: Old Times
Spike old times 00FC rougher
Publication date August 24, 2005
Published by IDW Publishing
Pages 48
Creative Team
Written by Peter David
Penciller(s) Fernando Goni
Inker(s) Impacto Studios
Colorist(s) Impacto Studios
publication order
first issue in series
final issue in series

"Spike: Old Times" is a one-shot comic issue based on the Angel television series.


By coincidence, Spike and several-hundred-year-old Vengeance Demon Halfrek bumped into each other in a bar in Los Angeles. Centuries earlier, Spike had known Halfrek as Cecily, who had been the object of his affections. Spike soon discovered she was after another hopeless poet, Lenny. He was a descendant of one of the party-goers who attended the party where Cecily rejected William.

Spike learned that every man in this family died on his 30th birthday and that Halfrek caused all their deaths. At that point, he made it his goal to save Lenny, just to spite Halfrek. He managed to get Lenny past attacking demons and an almost-accident with a truck, and took him to an orphanage. Using the children as a "cover" of sorts, he made Halfrek lift the curse. Lenny was so over-joyed that he did not look where he was going and fell out of a window.

Spike later visited the grave of Bela Lugosi where Halfrek told Spike that one of Lenny's ancestors was the first man she ever cursed, which attracted the Master of Vengeance Demons, D'Hoffryn. She revealed that she actually liked William's poetry and they kissed. Then, in the "throes of passion", Spike told her that she is beneath him.


  • This story expands on the relationship between Spike and Cecily/Halfrek. While they recognize each other in "Older and Far Away" she calls him William, referencing his pre-vampiric self. In the TV series, both Halfrek and Cecily are played by the same actress, Kali Rocha and it has been confirmed they are the same individual.
  • This was the first time where Spike's last name was mentioned. The surname "Pratt" was oficially made canon in "Disempowered, Part Seven".





Behind the Scenes


  • This one-shot was completely sold out.



Spike - "William Pratt is dead, Cecily! And you -!"