This article is about the comic story. For other uses, see Stacy.
Comic Story
"Stacy (story)"
Publication date December, 2003
Published in "Tales of the Vampires, Part One"
Pages 6
Creative Team
Writer(s) Joss Whedon
Penciller(s) Cameron Stewart
Editor(s) Scott Allie
Inker(s) Cameron Stewart
Colorist(s) Chip Zdarsky
Letterer(s) Annie Parkhouse

"Stacy" was a story in "Tales of the Vampires, Part One".


A young teenage vampire named Stacy explained how, whilst human, she was enchanted by the idea of magic. Stacy's tale started with her explaining that she was different and special because she understood magic. As she tried to explain this to her two friends, Jason and Dwayne, during a Lord of the Rings showing that captivated her, we learnt that she remained isolated in her beliefs.

After the movie, in her vision of magic she was an elf princess, battling orcs. In reality, she spent time battling her friend Jason's unwanted advances. Stacy again reminded us that most people think her magic was silly, but then surprised us by stating that most people have never been murdered either. We were then taken through Stacy's siring at a party from which she rose up after two days in the bushes. No one found her in all that time.

This young girl then became connected--"evil, but connected". She finally realised that the magic lay not with the solitary elves, but with the orc hordes, the monsters. She claimed her magic with a band of other vampires.


The story takes place after "Bring on the Night", but before "Taking Care of Business".



Organizations and Titles




Weapons and Objects

Death Count

Behind the Scenes


Pop Culture References

  • Stacy and her friends watched "Lord of the Rings".
  • Stacy was reading "Children of Dune" by author Frank Herbert.



Stacy - "Nobody gets me."


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