This article is about the vampire. For other uses, see Stacy.
"They had the secret. And I'm blessed because now I have it too. I have magic in my heart."

Stacy was a young teenage girl interested in magic and a fan of Lord of the Rings.


Stacy dreamed of having magical powers, while in reality she led a common, uneventful life which involved constantly rejecting the advances of her friend Jason. During a party, while helping her friend Dwayne throw up, she was approached by a handsome vampire, who sired her.

Stacy vampire

Stacy as a vampire

Having been left in some bushes by her sire, Stacy rose from the dead two days later and joined a pack of vampires. Finally feeling connected, she fully embraced her newfound evil nature and proceed to hunt and feed like other vampires. Among her first victims was Jason.


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