Sunnydale High '99 Yearbook

Sunnydale High Yearbook is a tie-in book based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In the book, the Scooby Gang are coming to the end of their Senior year at high school, Buffy Summers is busy making battle plans. Willow has time to pick up the High School Yearbook for her. Once the gang could relax, knowing that high school truly was over, Xander, Oz, Cordelia, Giles, Angel and others scrawled notes in Buffy's yearbook to make it special. It is now full of notes, photos and in-jokes only the Scoobies understand and appreciate, having fought on the Hellmouth for three years and survived High School.

In 1997, Buffy determined Marcie Ross's murder project on Cordelia represented by photography. In 1999, Buffy used it to locate the vampiric Harmony Kendall. In 2002, an amnesiac Cordelia Chase used it to find out who she is.


Harmony and Willow writing in each other's yearbook

Behind the Scenes

  • This book was an oddity in the release of Buffy publications by Pocket Books. It was not a novelization of an episode, nor an original novel, but instead a fictional school yearbook from the fictional reality known as the Buffyverse.


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