unidentified Waitress: "I took one look, saw he was staying at that rat trap. No thanks."
Spike: "Which rat trap?"
unidentified Waitress: "The one by the highway. The Sunnydale Motor Inn."
— an unidentified waitress and Spike[src]
The Sunnydale Motor Inn was a motel located in Sunnydale which charged eighteen dollars a day. From late 1998 to early 1999, Faith Lehane took up residence at apartment three until she became an agent of Richard Wilkins III and was moved to a large penthouse. In January 2000, another foe of the Scooby Gang, Ethan Rayne, also took up residence at the Sunnydale Motor Inn.

By 2003, the Sunnydale Motor Inn was destroyed alongside the rest of Sunnydale. (Chosen)


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