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Sweet's Minions

Sweet's three minions

The demon Sweet possessed three minions at his disposal. These minions resembled living, human-sized, ventriloquist dolls that wore suits and were capable of human speech. Sweet used his minions to kidnap Dawn while she was at home all by herself and take her to the Bronze, where Dawn unsuccessfully tried to escape while being forced to dance in a ballet style.

Spike managed to capture one of the minions who informed the Scooby Gang that Sweet planned to forcibly take Dawn to his dimension as his queen. The minion stormed out of the Magic Box, briefly overpowering Spike in the process. When Buffy confronted Sweet, his minions attacked her, one equipping himself with a pool cue. Buffy easily diverted their attempts and defeated them.

The nature of these beings, whether they are demonic or magical constructs, is unknown.

Behind the Scenes

  • Despite their master's ability to compel humans and even other demons to sing, at least one of the minions spoke plainly for communication instead of bursting into a song.