Btvs Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

Angelus brandishing the sword.

This sword was used by the virtuous knight to defeat Acathla and send the demon into a dormant state.



Angelus successfully removing the sword.

Using the sword, the virtuous knight pierced the heart of Acathla, who then turned to stone. The sword remained stuck in the demon's chest and was entombed together with the demon. It would remain hidden until the demon's tomb was inadverdently uncovered by housing developers.

In 1998, Angel had his soul removed and planned to remove the sword to awaken Acathla. After several attempts, he finally managed to pull the sword out of the demon. Angelus used the sword in a duel against the slayer Buffy, who used a sword blessed by the virtuous knight. Angelus dropped the sword shortly before losing the battle and being ensouled by Willow.


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