Comic Issue
"Tales of the Vampires, Part Three"
Tales of the Vampires 3
Publication date February, 2004
Pages 32
Tales of the Vampires #3
"Tales of the Vampires, Part Two"
"Tales of the Vampires, Part Four"
Creative Team
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s) Joss Whedon (framing story)
Jane Espenson (Father)
Drew Goddard (Antique)
Penciller(s) Alex Sanchez (framing story)
Editor(s) Scott Allie
Cover artist(s) Eric Powell
Inker(s) Derek Fridolfs (framing story)
Colorist(s) Michelle Madsen (framing story, Father)
Letterer(s) Annie Parkhouse (framing story, Father, Antique)

"Tales of the Vampires, Part Three" is the third issue in the Tales of the Vampires mini-series.

Short Stories

The issue contains a framing story, about which more information can be found below, as well as two short stories focusing on different vampires through time. More information such as synopsis, continuity, appearances, behind the scenes, and quotes can be found on the individual pages for the separate stories:


Edna writes in her diary, recounting the events of the past day. She notes that she's beginning to find Roche as inviting as he is unsettling. The next day, the Watchers-in-training are assembled around him once again. Roche begins to talk of how he longs to savage them all, only to be chided by Dunworthy. Edna interrupts Dunworthy, goading Roche into continuing against Sophie's pleading and bribing to stop. Edna eventually relents, noting that she can anger Roche, whose bonds, unbeknownst to those assembled before him, are weakening.



Organizations and Titles



Weapons and Objects

  • Edna's diary

Behind the Scenes





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