Comic Series
Tales of the Vampires
Tales of the Vampires 1
No. of issues 5
first last
"Tales of the Vampires, Part One" "Tales of the Vampires, Part Five"
December 22, 2003 April 28, 2004
Creative Team
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s) Joss Whedon
Jane Espenson
Penciller(s) Various
Editor(s) Scott Allie

Tales of the Vampires is a comic book mini-series from Dark Horse Comics in the Tales meta-series.


During her Watcher training, Edna Giles has to listen to the stories of past and future vampires that the captured ancient vampire Roche tells the young students.


The stories were set between 1880 and 2010.



The series included five issues, which were later collected in a single trade paperback.


Behind the Scenes


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