Btvs The subject of this article is non-canonical.
While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.
Buffy Comic Books
The Death of Buffy
The Death of Buffy
Publication date 16 October 2002
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Includes Original Comics BtVS #43-46, "Lost and Found"
Creative Team
Written by Fabian Nicieza
Tom Fassbender
Jim Pascoe
Penciller(s) Cliff Richards
Inker(s) Joe Pimentel
Will Conrad
Colorist(s) Dave McCaig
Comic Book Collections
publication order
Note from the Underground

The Death of Buffy is a trade paperback collecting comic stories based on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series.

Lost & Found

Lost and Found (Death of Buffy)
Comic title: "Lost and Found"
Following the events of "The Gift", Buffy's friends are trying to live on without the slayer. However their emotional states remain unbalanced. A demon feeds off their emotions.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #43
43-Death of Buffy 1
Comic title: The Death of Buffy, Part One
Buffy is dead. The Scooby Gang soon realize that Sunnydale will lose control over the dark forces. Willow takes lead but soon Sunnydale is under attack from disgruntled lizard-demons.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #44
44-Death of Buffy 2
Comic title: The Death of Buffy, Part Two
Willow, Xander, and the Scooby Gang try to fight off the lizard wizards. They had come to remove the Slayer but found that Buffy was already dead. They turn their attentions to the ones Buffy left behind.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #45
45-Death of Buffy 3
Comic title: The Death of Buffy, Part Three
The lizard-demons try to resurrect their deceased leader and destroy the town. Buffy's friends attempt to face the threat without Buffy. Willow learns from the reptilian mystics.
  • Supposed to be after Buffy Season 5, following "The Gift" but before Buffy Season 6 episode, "Bargaining I".

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #46

Comic title: Withdrawal
Buffy has returned from the grave but the D.J. vampire Velatti has also returned and seeks revenge. She has also noticed that Willow's addiction to magic is spinning out of control.

Canonical issues

Buffy/Angel books such as this one are not usually considered by fans as canonical. However, unlike fan fiction, overviews summarizing their story, written early in the writing process, were approved by both Fox and Joss Whedon (or his office), and the books were therefore later published as officially Buffy/Angel merchandise.

Pop culture references

The title is similar toThe Death of Superman.

Behind the secenes

Characters include Willow, Xander, Spike, Dawn, Tara, Anya, Giles and Buffy.


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