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Spike Comic Issue
The Devil You Know, Part Three
Spike TheDevilYouKnow03 02
Publication date August, 2010
Published by IDW Publishing
Issue # 3
Pages 32
Creative Team
Written by Bill Williams
Penciller(s) Chriss Cross
José Maria Beroy
Inker(s) Marc Deering
José Maria Beroy
Colorist(s) Ronda Pattison
publication order
The Devil You Know, Part Two
The Devil You Know, Part Four

"The Devil You Know, Part Three" was the third issue of the Spike: The Devil You Know comic book mini-series.


Reluctant teammates Spike and Eddie Hope are having a hell of time getting information out of the demon world about their newest nemesis and her agenda. They’re also having a hard time not strangling each other. But a high stakes card game, some new Hellmouth problems, and a really big killer demon, could force them to have to get along in a hurry.


The story is set after "Immortality for Dummies", but before "Crown Prince Syndrome".


The story is set after "Immortality for Dummies", but before "Crown Prince Syndrome".




Behind the Scenes



Spike - "Listen here, Yank. I'm a big time hero now and that means that when I have the heroing to do, I don't have all night to sit around watching losers cheat each other at cards."

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