Comic Issue
The Gateway
Publication date April, 2003
Pages 22
Fray #7
All Hell
Creative Team
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s) Joss Whedon
Penciller(s) Karl Moline
Editor(s) Scott Allie
Cover artist(s) Karl Moline
Inker(s) Andy Owens
Colorist(s) Dave Stewart
Letterer(s) Michelle Madsen

"The Gateway" was the seventh issue of the Fray comic book series.


Harth kneeled in front of a mound of bodies and drank blood from a chalice. The ritual to open the gateway was about to begin.

Mel was confident as she stood in front of Icarus. She told Urkonn to stand down and announced that she had faith in her victory. She dropped her scythe and then a floating transport dropped on top of Icarus. Erin clambered out of it. Erin stated that she took one look at Icarus and her intentions changed: she was here to help. Mel asked her sister to find reinforcements for the coming battle and Erin said that she would try. Regardless, Mel was going to fight.

As his ritual continued, Harth chanted in an ancient language and hordes of Lurks converged on Versi. In his lair, Harth whispered one word that began the carnage: “Awaken.”

Deep inside Versi, the people were finally beginning to see the truth and were ready to fight. Loo’s mother apologised for hitting Mel and Mel was visibly shaken by Loo’s death. Urkonn was concerned that the battle would become a massacre, but Mel wasn’t worried. She was going to fight her “last stand,” and then Erin turned up with reinforcements. As Erin and Mel had a tender moment, someone shouted out… the Lurks were coming.

As they came forward, the people rallied to fight. Kettie Rawls sacrificed his life for the cause and Loo’s parents were determined to continue their portion of the fight. Mel was under intense pressure as the vampires continued their assault, but then she looked up and sees a massive demon overhead.

Erin was stunned when she saw Harth riding atop the creature. Urkonn realised that the demon was the gateway itself. Erin was enraged and raced towards her brother with Mel at her side. Unfortunately the sky sled that they were on was out of control and as they approached the demon, Mel fell off the sled and into the demon’s open jaws…


The events took place after "Alarums", but before "All Hell".



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Icarus: "You really think you can put me down girl? What have you got besides a shiny new axe?"
Melaka Fray: "Faith."
- The Gateway