Comic Story
"The Glittering World"
Publication date February 20, 2002
Published in "Tales of the Slayers"
Pages 14
Creative Team
Writer(s) David Fury
Penciller(s) Steve Lieber
Editor(s) Scott Allie
Inker(s) Steve Lieber
Colorist(s) Steve Lieber
Letterer(s) Matthew Hollingsworth

"The Glittering World" was the fifth story in the "Tales of the Slayers" graphic novel.


Naayéé'neizgháni was a Navajo woman who, according to Navajo legend, was a mythical Monster Slayer. Riding her horse across the desert, she came came across a caravan which had been attacked by vampires. She followed a trail that led to a ghost town where the local tavern was filled with merrily singing demons. She started a fight in the bar and, with her bow and arrow, was able to kill many vampires.

After showing off her skills, the bartender finally revealed the location of a person he was hiding. She confronted the woman, , who had killed her Watcher. Tó showed no remorse over killing a white man, having also killed her own father, a cavalry man who had raped her Native American mother. The two started fighting and Naayéé'neizgháni managed to kill Tó, but not before being mortally wounded herself.

Some time later, this tale was told by a hispanic priest to the man who had bought the land that this had happened on. His intent was to build a town there.


The story was set after the flashbacks from "Amends", but before the flashbacks from "Past Lives".



Organizations and Titles




  • Sunnydale

Weapons and Objects

Death Count

  • Naayéé'neizgháni, mortally wounded by Tó Bájíshchíní
  • Tó Bájíshchíní, staked by Naayéé'neizgháni
  • Several demons and vampires, killed by Naayéé'neizgháni

Behind the Scenes



Pop Culture References


Naayéé'neizgháni - "You know who I am now. So don't make me ask twice..."


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