It's a good fight, Buffy. And I want in
Willow Rosenberg to Buffy Summers[src]

"The Good Fight" is the term commonly used by the Scooby Gang and the Angel Investigations team to describe their fight against evil.


While most of humanity in the Buffyverse seems oblivious to the existence of demons, other groups and organizations that are waging their own battles against evil come to light over the course of Buffy and Angel and in related media. For example, a group of socially disadvantaged youth in L.A. organized themselves to battle the vampires destroying their community. (See Charles Gunn.) And, although some of their methods and goals proved questionable, a government-funded group known as The Initiative was also aware of the existence of demons and was fighting a secret war against them. Other large scale groups appear in both Buffy and Angel, often as antagonists to the heroes due to differing views on how to fight the good fight.