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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.
"The Longest Night"
Evil arrives on the hour...
Author(s) Pierce Askegren, Scott Ciencin and Denise Ciencin, Doranna Durgin, Nancy Holder, Christopher Golden, Jeff Mariotte, Yvonne Navarro, and Emily Oz
Publication date December 2, 2002
Length 432 pages
Published by Pocket Books
ISBN ISBN 978-0743427562

The Longest Night is a collection of short stories by various writers centered around Angel and his team.


The book consisted of the following stories (in order):

  • "The House Where Death Stood Still"
  • "A Joyful Noise"
  • "I Still Believe"
  • "It Can Happen to You"
  • "Model Behaviour"
  • "Have Gunn, Will Travel"
  • "Generous Presence"
  • "The Anchoress"
  • "Bummed Out"
  • "Icicle Memories"
  • "Yoke of the Soul"
  • "The Sun Child"


The events took place after "Dad" but before "Birthday".

  • All of the stories take place on December 21, and hour by hour Angel and his crew must survive the longest night of the year.


Behind the Scenes

  • Jeff Mariotte explained why the stories do not reference each other:
We didn't get to read each other's stories, we just knew a tiny bit about what would happen in the ones before and after ours. So, for instance, I mentioned in the very end of mine that Angel knew he had to go do some last-minute shopping. But we knew it wouldn't flow exactly right, because if it did then it would be a novel by a buncha different writers, and not a collection of short stories. [1]


  • The book is unique, the only anthology of Angel short stories. The book is labeled 'Vol. 1', suggesting further volumes were a possibility, but none were ever released.
  • Setting: Season 3.

Pop Culture References

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