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Magic Box
Magic Box Exterior.
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"Your One-Stop Spot to Shop for Lots of New-Age and Occult Items."
Tara Maclay reading the Magic Box logo[src]

The Magic Box was a magic shop located on Maple Court in Sunnydale last owned and operated by Rupert Giles. When Giles left Sunnydale to return to England, Anya Jenkins became the manager, with Giles remaining a silent partner. It served as the primary headquarters for the Scooby Gang until its destruction at the hands of a corrupted Willow Rosenberg.


Uncle Bob's Magic Cabinet

The shop was originally known as Uncle Bob's Magic Cabinet. The shop was later expanded and renamed the Magic Box. The shop went through a series of owners, many of whom met grisly deaths at the hands of Sunnydale's demonic residents.

The Magic Box

Rupert Giles bought the Magic Box after the death of a previous owner. Soon after opening, Anya Jenkins became a full time employee after demonstrating her excessive knowledge of mystical artifacts and business management.[1] The Magic Box operated as the Scoobies' headquarters, succeeding Giles' apartment and the Sunnydale High School library. When Giles went away to England for a week, Anya and Willow were made in charge of the shop. Willow used the Magic Box's supplies to her advantage when she tried to create a Simulated Sunlight spell. Though, her arguing with Anya messed up the ritual, conjuring a Troll in the process.[2] For a brief period, Buffy Summers also worked part time for The Magic Shop[3] but found that she was not cut out for such employment. To Buffy's appreciation and amazement, Giles built a very well stocked and put-together training room in an unused space towards the back of the building.

The Magic Box was destroyed after Willow Rosenberg, crazed by magic, sucked its contents dry and then fought a vicious battle with Giles within it.[4]


The following merchandise was available for sale at The Magic Box:

A wide variety of other magical paraphernalia was also available, including candles, incense, runic artifacts, love potions (possibly not real potions), death charms etc., along with presumably non-magical items such as history books, jewelry, lollipops for children etc.

Off-Limits Area

The store holds a large number of artifacts and books that are very dangerous, very dark or a combination of both. It included books that contain resurrection spells, and one that contains powerful dark magic that marked Willow's first descent into using increasingly dark magic.


Buffy pointed out that owning the Magic Box lead to a gruesome demonic death.[9] Indeed, all four owners of the Magic Box shown on the show had died:



Behind the Scenes

  • As shown in "Shadow", the Magic Box's phone number was (805) 555-8966.
  • As shown in "Blood Ties", the Magic Box business hours were 10am to 9pm during Monday through Thursday, 10am to 12pm on Friday and Saturday while closed on Sundays.
  • The Magic Box contains a trapdoor which leads to the sewers. This was used, but not entirely seen in "Tabula Rasa".


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