Comic Issue
The Worst of It
Publication date December 05, 2001
Pages 22
Fray #5
Out of the Past
Creative Team
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s) Joss Whedon
Penciller(s) Karl Moline
Editor(s) Scott Allie
Cover artist(s) Karl Moline
Inker(s) Andy Owens
Colorist(s) Dave Stewart
Letterer(s) Michelle Madsen

"The Worst of It" was the fifth issue of the Fray comic book series.


Loo was in the streets with her friends. They were pretending to be Lurks and she was Mel. When left alone, Loo looked around for Lurks and ran to find Melaka.

Mel was stunned with Harth in front of her and he told her that he really missed her. He explained his presence to her: after Mel fell off the roof during their battle with Icarus, Icarus plunged his fangs into his neck and in pain and retaliation, Harth bit into Icarus’ cheek. Awakening later, Harth admitted to Icarus that he intentionally got sired and he knew what the Lurks would become.

He finished his tale with another revelation: he received the Slayer dreams. He explains it was because they were “two halves of the same person” and twins. Mel was in denial about her brother being a Lurk and he claimed that he was the One Who Will Lead. He would open the gateway and bring the Old Ones back to Earth, and the Earth would die screaming and there was nothing Mel could do.

Mel was devastated and blamed herself for her brother’s new undead mission. Harth attacked her and told her that she had gathered all the items he needed to open the gateway, and now had no idea what to do with her. He threw her aside, but she fell through the floor and ended up in the sewer below.

Meanwhile, returning to her apartment, Erin was upset about Mel’s disappearance. However, entering the room, she found Mel in tears, and professing her apologies. Afterwards, Erin was having trouble believing that Harth was a Lurk. Mel believed that everything was all her fault and she was determined to stop him. Erin elected to not get in her way this time, but she did warn Mel about Gunther and told her that he was the one who gave her in to the police. Mel responded with a cold “I don’t trust anyone.”

Returning to her apartment with Urkonn, Mel found the place in ruin. Moving furniture, Mel found the broken and battered body of Loo. Urkonn was stunned and Mel told him that Harth was right and that she could not protect anyone. She claimed that up until now she had not been a Slayer, but now she was ready. Turning to Urkonn, she made her stance pretty clear: “Let’s make some war.”


The events took place after "Out of the Past", but before "Alarums".



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Melaka Fray: "He said everyone I love is gonna die screaming."
Erin Fray: "So I guess I'm safe."
- The Worst of It