Btvs The subject of this article is non-canonical.
While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.

Thessily Thessilonikki was a Slayer that was active in 490 B.C. Greece.


Thessily, a former slave, once ran 300 miles in 3 days to protect a messenger. She helped defend Athens from the Persians. She was born to a single slave mother, but not much is known of her childhood, except her mother died and Thessily grew up as a slave. Her master Meltinias, a fabric merchant, treated her well. When Thessily was 12, she was bought by the local Hierophant, Thoas, who informed her that he was her Watcher and began training her as the newest Slayer. From that point on, she fought against evil. At 19, she went up against The Horde at Delphi, where she was attacked and bitten, but survived. She collapsed on the road and was found by a villager who took her to the town's Oracle. She stayed there for four days and woke to Thaos informing her that she survived the death the Oracle had foreseen.

In 490 B.C., the 29 year old Thessily's home city of Athens was engaged in a war against Persia, who had a vampire army. Athens was outmatched and sent their best messenger, Philippides, to run to Sparta, whose army was filled with werewolves, for help. Thessily was assigned to run with him in secret to protect him from vampire attacks. Near Sparta, she was shot with a poison tipped arrow. The Spartans refused to help Athens, so Thessily and Philippides returned home to fight with their people and save what was left of Athens. Thessily had a vision of vampires hiding out in Persian ships and killed all of them methodically before collapsing on the ground from exhaustion and poison. She died in her Thoas's arms.

Thessily was described as having been a Slayer "all her life".


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