Buffy Season Eight
Issue 16: Time of Your Life, Part One
Written by Joss Whedon
Drawn by Karl Moline
Publication date July 02, 2008
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Comic Series
Wolves at the Gate, Part Four
Time of Your Life, Part Two

"Time of Your Life, Part One" is the sixteenth story from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight.


We begin with Buffy fighting future Slayer, Melaka Fray, in midair in the future New York City. Flashing back to the past, Xander, Willow, and Buffy eat Chinese food and discuss what Willow saw during her encounter with Kumiko. Willow believes that she received the message for a reason, and hopes to act before losing another Slayer like Renee. At the reference of her death, we learn that Xander is still dealing with his loss, but can’t afford to be shielded from reality. While Xander is speaking, Leah bursts into the room to inform them that something is going on with Dawn. When the three of them arrive in the orchard, they find that Dawn is no longer giant sized, but is now a centaur. Meanwhile, Twilight, Amy and Warren discuss the effectiveness of a giant rune-covered missile they’ve constructed. Back in Scotland, Xander has prepared a helicopter to fly Buffy and Willow to an airport, where they catch a private plane. During the flight, Buffy informs Willow that she will need a couple of hours to take a private meeting. They soon arrive in New York City where Willow's advance team, including her girlfriend Kennedy and Slayer Vi, are waiting to begin the operation. Vi explains that the problem with Willow's vision is that it's hard to pin down anything mystical since so many mystical things are happening in New York. Willow clarifies things as much as possible by explaining that something is causing a disruption of the time frame similar to that of a ripple effect, a single event existing spatially that is affecting past, present and future time. Back in Scotland, Xander and Dawn are talking about her transformation into a centaur. While walking back to the castle, Xander notices something headed right for it: the missile that Warren built. He can only watch helplessly as it hits the castle. Back in New York, Kennedy, Willow and a few slayers are at the scene of the temporal shift: a high-rise building at the corner of 53rd and Lexington. Moments later, Buffy joins the girls from her private meeting wearing a short dress and boots. When questioned, Buffy offers to change, but not before a sudden flash of light zaps Buffy away and replaces her with a demon. Finding herself in the demon's place in the future, Buffy is twice punched in the face. Her assailant is revealed to be Fray, who was fighting the demon that took Buffy's place, and thinks it has shape-shifted itself to look like the long-dead Slayer. Fray uses a lot of futuristic slang as she rains the blows on Buffy and finally succeeds in knocking her down.


  • Jealous of her affection towards Willow, Kennedy threatens Buffy to "kill her like a chicken", something Gunn had previously told Wesley in "A Hole in the World".
  • Buffy meets the future Slayer Melaka Fray, introduced in her miniseries of the same name.
  • It's the first time that Angel (under Twilight's identity) meet Amy Madison and Warren Mears. Concerning Amy, he know her probably by reputation during Buffy in seasons one to three. Concerning Warren, Willow or Spike had plausibly tell him of his death during Angel in seasons four to five.




Weapons and Objects


  • 0 Deaths

Behind the Scenes



"Bad day. Started out bad, stayed that way. Starting with, not chronologically, but in order of immediate importance…who the hell is this person? "
"You’re making up made-up things… "
"Hey, I have no skin. Which means I don’t have your cute little sunset symbol carved in it. I’m in this for myself, and myself is telling you right now that this baby…is gonna bring in the noise. "
"She’s never been in New York. Or, Apparently, a limo. "
"I hear whispering and we are not playing Pictionary so clam the hell up."

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