Buffy Season Eight
Issue 18: Time of Your Life, Part Three
Written by Joss Whedon
Drawn by Karl Moline
Publication date September 03, 2008
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Comic Series
Time of Your Life, Part Two
Time of Your Life, Part Four

"Time of Your Life, Part Three" is the eighteenth issue from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight.


Buffy searches through the Watchers Diaries where she can hardly find anything recorded about her or the Slayer army she created. Fray reports that there's been some lurk activity in the Uppers. In the present, Willow and Kennedy are in their bedroom going through books with hopes to find a means to retrieve Buffy from the future. Kennedy suggests that Willow contact her source. In the woods after the main Castle exploded, we see Xander still riding on a centaur Dawn's back as they flee from the creatures that invaded the castle. A short time later, a hoard of tree-demons threatens them and order them to leave their woods. In the future, Harth tells Gunther that he is upset because he knows Gunther has been telling Fray about his activities. After the two argue, Harth and his vampire gang leave the room, leaving a squad of vampires swimming inside Gunther's tank ready to attack him. Meanwhile, Buffy and Fray have stolen a flying car, one that has coded access to the "Uppers", where they see a group of vampires attacking defenseless humans. Fray is ready to go and slay the vampires but Buffy tells her not to because they need to find where Harth's hunting parties are coming from, and that they cannot afford the time to rescue everyone. Fray refuses to listen and slays the vampires leaving Buffy behind. As Fray finishes off all the vamps, Dark Willow approaches behind her. In the present, Kennedy helps Willow to make contact to Saga Vasuki and asks her how to get Buffy back to the present. Saga tells Willow that the time rift will reopen that night and warns Willow not to look into the future when saving Buffy. In the future, Dark Willow uses the little magic she has left to show Fray something in order to gain her trust. When Buffy gets to Fray’s apartment, she is confronted by Fray's sister, Erin. In the middle of the conversation with Erin, Buffy is zapped with a ray gun by Fray and falls to the floor in pain.


  • Fray tells Buffy she "drives like a spaz", something she previously heard from Principal Snyder in "Band Candy".
  • When Buffy meets Erin, a law enforcement agent, Buffy states that her high school aptitude test said she would do well in a law enforcement career, a reference to "What's My Line, Part One".




Weapons and Objects


Behind the Scenes



"Nothing. A few sketchy references that might be me, or my friends…some encouraging, some dire…at least one that’s too ridiculous to comprehend…but the rest…I created a race of Slayers. To tip the scales, to beat back the darkness. To make the world a better place. But they’re not in the books. Not a mention. Nothing. And the better world…turns out like this."
―Buffy Summers

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