Buffy Season Eight
Issue 17: Time of Your Life, Part Two
Written by Joss Whedon
Drawn by Karl Moline
Publication date August 06, 2008
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Comic Series
Time of Your Life, Part One
Time of Your Life, Part Three

"Time of Your Life, Part Two" is the seventeenth issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight.


Prior to encountering Buffy, Fray and her sister Erin follow a B-42 harboring numerous vampires. Fray captures one in mid-air amongst the skyscrapers. She demands from him the whereabouts of her vampire twin brother and archenemy, Harth. The vampire claims that Harth has allied himself with a mysterious, powerful woman with dark powers, known as the Mad Woman. Fray informs her sister that she read in the Watchers Diaries of the woman in question; however she is unable to put her finger on whom exactly. At a docking site, Harth and the mysterious figure, who clouds herself in the shadow, supervise a number of vampires transporting helpless victims in and out of trucks. The woman explains to Harth that her menacing plans will ripple to the present. Meanwhile back in the present, Willow comforts a wounded Kennedy. When asked as to why Willow has tamed the beast and not killed it, she explains that she believes that it and Buffy switched places in time. At the castle, Xander bursts into the command central where it wreaths in green flames. Rowena reports to him that most of the Slayers have escaped through the tunnels; however, the West Tower has collapsed. Suddenly, medieval Cobra-faced foot soldiers appear and shoot an arrow in Xander's shoulder. Dawn arrives on the scene and attacks the soldiers with her hooves. She then picks up the wounded Xander and carries him out of the castle. In the future, Fray arrives on a rooftop and battles a beast. The beast exchanges places with Buffy, igniting the fight between both Slayers. Buffy finally manages to calm Fray down. She wonders how many Slayers there are in Fray's time, to which Melaka replies: "One. Half." She explains that she is the only Slayer in a long time and that her brother Harth carries the prophecies and the collective Slayer memories that should've been imbued in Fray. The future Slayer takes Buffy to her employer, Gunther, a fish-like mutant who resides in an aquarium apartment, where they question him about who the mysterious woman is. At the docks with Harth, the woman he has aligned himself with is revealed to be Dark Willow.




Weapons and Objects


  • four Vampires, killed in an explosion
  • a vampire, dusted by Melaka Fray


  • The future Dark Willow's character strongly resembles, in both her appearance and behavior, to that of Drusilla. Similarly to the insane vampire in Buffy season 2, Willow is weakened and speaks in riddles.
    • When Fray states she has read about a "madwoman" before, she is possibly referring to Drusilla.

Behind the Scenes



"Ripples, child. Everything is ripples."
―Dark Willow
"You are talking crazy-person talk. Put your words in word places, please."
―Buffy Summers

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