Africa Prehistory


  • 880 - Aud transforms Olaf into a demon, and is herself dubbed the vengeance demon Anyanka by D'Hoffryn (7x05 Selfless).



  • 1609 - A dying prostitute is visited by a mysterious stranger, who sires her to become the vampire Darla (Angel 2x07 Darla).


  • 1753 - Liam leaves home after fighting with his father (Angel 1x15 The Prodigal).
  • 1753 - A drunken Liam is killed and sired by Darla, becoming Angelus (2x21 Becoming I).
  • 1753 - Liam rises from his grave and makes his first kill, later returning home to murder his family (Angel 1x15 The Prodigal).


  • 1760 - Darla brings Angelus before The Master, but Angelus' lack of respect forces her to choose between them: She leaves with Angelus (Angel 2x07 Darla).


  • 1838 - Angelus kills a man named Daniel in a novel payment of the latter's gambling debt (3x10 Amends).

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