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This is the first spell that was cast by Willow Rosenberg after magic on Earth was restored to save Dawn Summers from fading away completely.


Diligentia evasit revertetur ad solidum statu.

Mysticum potentia redisset.

Mysticum potentia redisset.

Vultux cruox.


This spell was contained in the scrolls of the Order of Dagon, an order of monks known for having the ability to convert energy into matter and manipulating reality. Willow cast this spell over a circle of enchanted stones by reciting its incantation and focusing her energies and concentration. Her first attempt was unsuccessful, as she lacked an important component to bring Dawn back - Buffy's blood. Energy requires a physical substance to coalesce around and materialize. As such, with Buffy's blood, Willow tries the spell again, this time, successfully bringing Dawn back.


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