Btvs Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

Toru's pack was a sect of Japanese vampires led by Toru, who sought to undo the global activation of Slayers.

Dracula lost a bet to these vampires while drunk, losing the secret of his shapeshifting powers to them in the process. Using these new powers to their advantage, Toru and his pack attacked the Slayer Organization headquarters in Scotland and made off with the Scythe.

Discovering what Toru planned to do, Dracula teamed up with the Scooby Gang, helping Willow Rosenberg to counter Toru's spell and using his sword to strip Toru and his minions of their stolen powers. Kumiko was killed by Buffy, Raidon by Satsu. Toru himself was dismembered by Dracula and finished off by Xander Harris.



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