A tranquilizer gun was a rifle designed to fire darts containing non-lethal substances that incapacitated targets. One such gun was kept in the Sunnydale High School library by Rupert Giles. Its main purpose was as a precautionary measure when the werewolf Oz was being kept in the library's book cage. It also was employed to incapacitate other targets such as vampires or Glarghk Guhl Kashmas'nik demon. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce used also one, notably for to incapacitate Angelus attacking Winifred Burkle. Later, Winifred Burkle, harrassed by Angelus, tried to incapacitate also and neutralise accidently Lorne since tried on Cordelia Chase, revelate to be The Beast's master and ironically, shot accidently on Angel. Andrew Wells tried it on the psychotic Slayer Dana.


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