Xander: "You really think we let Buffy sleep without mystical protection? This isn't open-wand night in Sunnydale, sweetcheeks. You're dealing with pros."
Amy: "Any of you *pros* notice she's still asleep? She's living a nightmare, genius, and the only thing that can wake her up… is the kiss of true love"
Xander Harris and Amy Madison[src]

A True Love spell was a powerful spell that put the victim into a state of permanent sleep, forcing them to live a perpetual nightmare until they received a kiss from someone who truly loved them. The love did not have to be requited, but person had to love the victim romantically and be passionately devoted (not familial or friendship-based love) .Amy Madison used this spell on Buffy Summers which trapped her inside her own consciousness. Willow Rosenberg managed to break the spell by telling everyone in the room with Buffy to shut their eyes so the person in question could kiss Buffy without disclosing their feelings. While it seemed that Xander Harris was the one who did it, it turned out it was actually Satsu, which Buffy eventually figured out.


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