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The cover of Twinkle

"An ex-girlfriend has written a series of books loosely based on our time together. Yep. That was made into a movie, too."

Twikle was a popular series of novels written by Maria Harley, one of the former Spikettes, under the alias Spider Harley. It was a fictionalized account loosely based on Maria's time with Spike. Re-clipse was the second sequel in the series.


Behind the Scenes

  • Twinkle was an obvious parody of the Twilight book series.
  • In Season Eight, the central villain was "Twilight", a masked Angel. When Buffy Summers confronted "Twilight", she commented on the connection between the name and Twilight, comparing her relationship with Angel to the series' own.[1] This would suggest that the Twilight series of novels also existed.




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