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It - it has two heads. And it breathes fire. - It's gigantic.
Cordelia describing the demon.[src]

This unnamed demon had two-heads and was capable of producing fire.


Shortly after Angel fired Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn, Cordelia had a vision of the demon. In her vision, she described the demon to be massive, had two heads and was capable of breathing fire. Cordelia said that the demon was rising in the sewers beneath Kenyard School for Girls.


Upon closer inspection of Wesley and Gunn however, it turned out that the demon did not actually breathe fire, but produced it through some other means. Gunn pointed out that it almost filled the entire sewer system close to the height of twenty feet despite the demon crouching.

Despite being massive and having the ability to generate fire, the demon could be overpowered by two humans who have had experiences dealing with other demon species.

Behind the scenes

  • Wesley suggested they attack the demon once both of its head were turned away when a blast of fire was seen, indicating the demon may have been producing fire from its behind.