180px-KRK - Kabuto Zecter

He is A Kid Who Came To Sunnydale He Is Kamen Rider Vampire King Then Kamen Rider Beetleborg Buffy Summers Fell In Love With Him She Kissed Him She Knew Tyler's Secret He Is Kamen Rider Vampire King She Kissed Him In His Kamen Rider Vampire King Suit He Was Cool He Fights Vampires With Cordelia's Help She Joins Him In Pooh's Adventures He's Got A Lot Of Freinds Then Tyler Left The Building He Said "Im Outta Here Smell Ya Later".


IMG 20170420 000037
Bathlowmew III My Vampire Bat Partner
Kamen Rider Vampire King My Final Form When Scott Harker Gives Me Bathlomeiw The III To Me

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