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January 5, 2010
  • I live in New Orleans, La
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is Artist/Actress
  • I am Female
Anya Finale Pic
Status Alive
Classification Vengeance demon
Known Relatives Halfrek
Notable powers Granting the wishes of wronged women and children, Teleportation, Immortality.

To Do List

  1. New Updated Infobox Images for:
  • Season 1 episodes and Characters (got infobox image done, just need to work on character pages/pics for each ep that are not bracketted or done)
  • Season 2 episodes and Characters
  • Season 3 episodes and Characters
  • Season 4 episodes and Characters
  • Season 5 episodes and Characters
  • Season 6 episodes and Characters
  • Season 7 episodes and Characters
  1. New Updated Infobox Image for:
  • Season 1 Angel and Characters
  • Season 2 Angel and Characters
  • Season 3 Angel and Characters
  • Season 4 Angel and Characters
  • Season 5 Angel and Characters

About Me

I am a hardcore Buffy and Angel fan. My favorite show of all time- I do my best to edit Wikia. I spend most of my time at the True Blood wiki- it's my latest favorite show that is still on TV.

My favorite Episodes

  • I Only Have Eyes For You
  • Once More With Feeling
  • The Body
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Selfless
  • Smashed
  • Hush
  • Something Blue
  • A New Man
  • Buffy Vs. Dracula
  • Villians
  • Beneath You

My favorite Characters

  • Anya!!!!
  • Spike
  • Giles
  • Xander
  • Willow
  • Drusilla

Pages I tend to/Edit

  • Game of Thrones (Admin.)
  • True Blood Wiki (Bureau.)
  • The Andy Griffith Show (Mayberry Wiki) (Bureau.)
  • Sons of Anarchy (Admin.)
  • Charmed (Admin.)
  • 90210Wiki (Admin.)

My favorite vampires

Awesome random pictures

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