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  • I live in The United States
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is Student...sadly enough
  • I am Silly
  • Adventure dude

    Well on the 19th...or the 20th...I think it's the--XD WHUTEVER! But sometime in June--maybe it was the 21st--I saw my first Buffy episode (Phases). Last year on the 19th...or 20th...or 21st...of June 2011. I'm so happy I've been a Buffy fan for one whole year! Congrats me :D

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  • Adventure dude

    Faith's Gift

    May 14, 2012 by Adventure dude

    Anyone else wonder what Faith's gift is? We all know every slayer has one and Buffy's is death, but this question is killing me...

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  • Adventure dude


    April 22, 2012 by Adventure dude

    That akward Once More With Feeling Moment when you realise how dirty the lyrics are in the thrid verse in Under Your Spell are...and then of course you realise you'd always sing the song around the house...

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  • Adventure dude

    That awkward Once More With Feeling moment when you realise Willow only has about two lines in the whole episode...

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