• Angelbuffyspike

    kennedy's birth mother was revealed to be jenny calender of the kalderash people. this"claim" was revealed on a website that i stumbled on when trying to find information on previous slayers. i typed it in to google and a website called slayers through the ages. then it came up with a list of years. me, being curious went to slayers from 2000 to... it then came up with a load of information about the potential slayers who would later beccome actual slayers. below is the kenndy extract containing information on jenny calendar being her birth mother.

    ]Name: Kennedy Location: NY, Sunnydale, Ca, Cleveland, Sao Paulo, Brazil Watcher: Her Watcher was killed by a Harbinger, Giles, Buffy, Faith. Then Rowena Allister Birth: 1983 or 1985 Death: Killed by: Slay…

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