kennedy's birth mother was revealed to be jenny calender of the kalderash people. this"claim" was revealed on a website that i stumbled on when trying to find information on previous slayers. i typed it in to google and a website called slayers through the ages. then it came up with a list of years. me, being curious went to slayers from 2000 to... it then came up with a load of information about the potential slayers who would later beccome actual slayers. below is the kenndy extract containing information on jenny calendar being her birth mother.

]Name: Kennedy Location: NY, Sunnydale, Ca, Cleveland, Sao Paulo, Brazil Watcher: Her Watcher was killed by a Harbinger, Giles, Buffy, Faith. Then Rowena Allister Birth: 1983 or 1985 Death: Killed by: Slayer Time: 2003- Portrayed By: Iyari Limon Notes: One of the first potential slayers brought to the Summer's House in 2003, she also became the lover of Willow. She was one of the eldest of the Potential Slayers. Thinks Magic is crap but accepts it for Willow's sake. She became a Slayer, during Willow's Scythed spell, She survived the destruction of the Sunnydale Hellmouth. a year after the end of Buffy, mention is made that Kennedy and Willow continue to be a couple and are now living in Brazil together gathering together slayers. Kennedy hails from a wealthy family which includes a half-sister. She learned that her birth mother was Jenny Calendar although she doesn't know the full circumstances of Jenny's death. Later moving back to Cleveland as Faith's second in command at the newly formed Slayer Academy, Kennedy teaches the younger girls the art of the crossbow along with many other weapons. Slayer Mia being her biggest admirer and supporter

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