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DeHybrid January 20, 2015 User blog:DeHybrid

Heys my fellow Bibliophiles! ...Okay, I'm not so great the 'reading all the things' but my friend James is.

He... well... Basically he just never stops. Anyway, he keeps a vlog for Felecia Day's Geek and Sundry where he suggests books based on things you already know and love!

He's done a Vlog specifically about Buffy The Vampire Slayer!!! (Watch him act out some scenes with his friend Dayeanne Hutton!)

Read This! If You Like Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Feat06:34

Read This! If You Like Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Feat. Emma Approved's Dayeanne Hutton) Tigermonkey

Radtastic, right?! He likes attention so, y'know, give 'm some. ...and Read This!

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