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    I noticed something. As Willow grows into her magical powers, the color of such energies she manifests changes. Before Buffy was resurrected by her until her descent into darkness, the color of her magical energies was blue. When she became dark, the color was somewhat black. When she returned from her training with Aluwyn, it was green or yellow, depending on the nature of the spells she cast. In Quor'toth, it was green. When she went dark in Quor'toth, it was a somewhat richer shade of orange. When she entered Wonderland and returned to Earth as the only empowered witch in the world, it was yellow. I guess the colors represented the growth that Willow underwent as a witch, but the correspondences of such colors are unclear. But, I guess.…

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    Willow and Illyria are two of the most prominent characters in the Buffy universe. Willow was a shy, mousy, young academic who grew into, arguably, the most powerful witch on Earth. Illyria was one of the pimordial demons that ruled the Earth before man's time, being banished from the Earth and kept contained within a sarcophagus in the Deeper Well, only to return in the body of Winifred Burkle, experiencing a deep struggle with who she is and what she is meant to do until resolving to become a champion of good. These "women" (I say this because Illyria is female, but not a woman in the slightest), though not the main characters in their respective sides of the spectrum, somehow have become such an integral part of the Buffy universe becau…

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