• Jeffy32

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer's eight season is unfolding at You'll find the first episode there now. New episodes will be available every week from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

    A continuation of Joss Whedon's hallowed shows and based on the award-winning comic book series by Dark Horse Comics, the gripping saga of the vampire-killing legend picks up where the television series ended: thousands of slayers around the world have been activated, Sunnydale has been blown up and Buffy has relocated to Scotland.

    The iTunes episodes are available for $.99/$1.99 HD each, or with a season pass for $14.99/$29.99 HD.

    All 19 episodes will make their official debut on DVD January 4, 2011 which will include limited edition Jo Chen packagi…

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  • Jeffy32

    shows end, comics begin

    July 15, 2010 by Jeffy32

    I love Buffy and Angel. I'm watching through right now as we speak andi just recently got into the comics. My question is... after both seasons end where do the comics pick up? I'm sure Buffy is just Season 8 but where does Angel begin before after the fall?

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