I'm pretty sure everyone has some sort of idea of who there favorite characters are. I wanted to share mine (in order) and explain why.

  1. Faith - She's such a badass, plus I always love characters that seek redemption. I also love the parallel between her and Buffy ("Good slayer/Bad slayer" thing and her symbolism as the "slayer buffy could have been".)
  2. Tara - She's the complete opposite of Faith, yet still completely amazing. It's the shy nerdy girl person that everyone loves. Plus, her death was so sudden and sad :(
  3. Angel - What's better than a hot, brooding vampire? A hot, brooding vampire with a soul! (And doesn't sparkle...) Yet again, my weakness. The awesomely dark character that seeks redemption.
  4. Oz - Earshot ('nuff said, but I'll explain anyways.) He's always so quiet, so when he does talk, his cryptic/cynicalness really amuses me. He gets his point across without using a lot of words and is always so chill about everything.
  5. Buffy - Kick-ass female lead? Check. Give her a wooden stake and she could probably kill you with her eyes closed. (Isn't that fun?!)
  6. Anya - 1000 year old vegance demons are always the best! There is always that one character that never gets cultural refrences and/or is super blunt that makes me laugh. Anya is that character.
  7. Spike - Well, gollie, who doesn't love Spike? He's the annoying little knat that is so adorable and annoying at the same time. As much as I love Spike though, I think he should have stayed a recurring character. In my opinion, the whole Spike/Buffy relationship was so stupid.
  8. Willow - Ah, the good ole trusty sidekick. Not only that, but she also has awsome Wiccan powers to boot! Surprisingly, theres still the stuggle with magic addiction/redemption for killing Warren that makes me love Willow.
  9. Dawn - Who doesn't want an annoying whiney sister that almost gets killed practically every day? Redemtion? Bloodties and Potential, of course.

Characters that I didn't really care for: Giles, Riley, Cordy, Wesley.

Characters that I wanted to punch in the face: Xander.

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